If You Wrote A Biography About Your Life, What Would It Be Called?

If you were to write a life story all about your past, what would you call it? Would the name be serious and enthralling? Or would it be light and airy? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Who would you dedicate the forward of your memoir to?
My parents
My significant other
My children
My best friend
Taylor Swift

Question 2/10

What would the first sentence of your book be?
It was a dark and cold night when....
Let me explain...
I'm a simple person with simple pleasures...
Where did the time go exactly?
Some people are born great....

Question 3/10

How would you promote your autobiography?
By going on a book tour
Hitting the talk show circuit
Social media
I wouldn't promote my book

Question 4/10

Would you put a photo of yourself on the cover?
I'd consider it

Question 5/10

Has your life been more of a rollercoaster or a tilt-o-whirl?
The entire amusement park

Question 6/10

How much dirt would be in your memoir?
So much dirt...
A little dirt...
No dirt...

Question 7/10

Do you feel as if time sped up as soon as you turned 18?
How did you know?
Not really

Question 8/10

What age would make readers cringe?
My teen years
My twenties
My thirties
The whole darn thing

Question 9/10

What type of alcohol would your book be best enjoyed with?
No alcohol, just coffee or tea...

Question 10/10

Are you writing your memoir by hand or on a computer?
By hand
On a computer
It's a mixed bag
Based on the results of this quiz, the title of your memoir would be "Where Did The Time Go?" As we get older, time seems to speed up. Those years that at once seemed so long and daunting are in the past and now time seems to be pressing down.

Where Did The Time Go?

Based on your results, the title of your autobiography would be "The Winding Road." Life is full of twists, turns, and bumps. You've often thought about your life as a long winding road rather than a straight line. Whenever you think you're around the bend, another twist comes along.

The Winding Road

Based on the results of your quiz, your autobiography would be titled "It Paid The Bills!" Let's face it, we've all had to take some jobs and do some favors in life that we're not proud of in order to make ends meet. You've had more than your fair share of silly jobs!

It Paid The Bills

Based on the results of this quiz, your memoir would be titled "In Progress!" As humans, we're never fully done changing and growing. There's no such thing as a static life. You know that you are perpetually a work in progress.

In Progress

Based on the results of this quiz, your novel would be titled "A Year In The Life!" Every year of your life has been drastically different than the one before. No two years have ever been exactly alike. Full of bumps, challenges, and triumphs, you'd love to chronicle your years on earth.

A Year In The Life