If You Were A Teacher What Would You Say To Your Students Most Often?

Question 1/10

Are you actually a teacher?
No, but I want to be

Question 2/10

Are you strict?

Question 3/10

Which word best describes how you acted when you were a student?

Question 4/10

You are in the middle of teaching, and you remember something that relates to your childhood. What do you do?
Tell the story I remembered
Tell only what relates to my leson
Ignore the story and stay on topic

Question 5/10

Do you get distracted easily?
Only when I am bored
What was the question?

Question 6/10

You need to study for a test. What do you do?
Study my notes and my textbook
Form a study group
Try old problems again
I wouldn't study

Question 7/10

You are annoyed. What caused it?
Some people were being loud and annoying
Someone messed up, and I need to fix something
Something is difficult, and it is frustrating me
I cannot focus, which is annoying

Question 8/10

What would your teaching style be?
Class discussion
A mix of both

Question 9/10

What kind of homework would you assign?
Worksheets and problems
Essays and critical thinking problems
Hands on projects
I would never assign homework

Question 10/10

Did you like your teachers in school?
I liked some and I hated some
You would be a no-nonsense teacher. Most of your students wouldn't dare talk out of turn in front of you, and those who did would quickly learn to regret it. You would demand respect in your classroom, and all of your students would know to be quiet, or know the fastest way to the Principal's Office.

"Be Quiet!"

You are sure to be an encouraging teacher. You would always encourage your students to "Never give up," as you would often tell them. Your students would be sure to thank you for all of the encouragement as well.

"Never Give Up"

You would be the kind of teacher that would always remind their students how good they have it. You wouldn't be one to take any of their excuses. In fact, you would tell them stories of your own school days just to set an example. All the while, your students will still be trying to teach you how to use the computer.

"Back When I Was In School..."

Maybe focusing isn't your strong point, but your students aren't about to complain about it. You are sure to get off topic during almost every lesson. You may jut go on a slight tangent or you may retell stories of your youth that have nothing to do with your lesson. Either way... What were you talking about again? It's time to focus again.

"Sorry To Get Off Topic, But..."

You would be the type of teacher who wants to get their students invovled with whatever lesson you are teaching that day. You will call on students who don't even have their hands up. You will want everyone to be invovled, even if not everyone wants to be invovled. Your students would be sure to learn a lot from you and gain hands on experience at the same time!

"Who Wants To Try This Problem?"

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Teachers are great. They give their knowledge to students, teaching them all about the wonders that the world have to offer. Of course, sometimes teachers sound like a broken record, using the same phrase over and over again to their students (usually when they get angry). If you were a teacher, what phrase would you use? Take this quiz to find out!