How Would You Have Spent A Saturday Night in 1977?

Saturday night in 1977 was a quite a bit different than Saturday night today! Do you know how you would have spent your Saturday nights in 1977? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
What time do you typically wake up on a Saturday?
7 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM

Question 2/10
What's the first thing you do upon waking up on a Saturday?
Hit the gym
Drink some coffee
Fix some breakfast
Hit the antique shops/yard sales
Lots of nothing

Question 3/10
How do you typically spend your Sundays?
Attending church
Hanging out watching TV
Hosting a family dinner
Doing something outside
Relaxing and taking it easy

Question 4/10
Which musical instrument best matches your personality?

Question 5/10
Which city do you wish you could live in?
New York
Los Angeles

Question 6/10
How many hours do you typically sleep during the week per night?
5-6 hours
4-5 hours
7-8 hours
9-10 hours
It varies

Question 7/10
What's your relationship status?
Single and looking for fun
In a relationship
It's complicated

Question 8/10
How bad are your hangovers?
They're horrible
They're tolerable
They're non-existent

Question 9/10
Are you currently binge watching any shows?
I just finished one

Question 10/10
What's the most important thing in your life?
My friends
My family
My career
My image
My health
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1977 at a Disco party! You're truly a social butterfly who needs the weekends to decompress, have a drink (or 6) and just hang out with friends having a good time. While you're far from a party animal, you know how to cut loose and forget your worries with a little dance.

Disco Party
You would have spent your Saturday night in 1977 at the roller rink! Roller rinks were the epicenter of social fun for young people in the 70s. Not only would have based in the music, concessions, and skating; but odds are you would have spent some time flirting with your crush as well.

Roller Rink
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1977 at midnight bowling! Midnight bowling was the perfect mix of booze, friends, and fun. As a competitive person, you would have loved betting your friends on who was going to win each round.

Midnight Bowling
You would have spent your Saturday night in 1977 at a Drive In movie! You're a good person who likes to follow the rules and engage in some good clean fun. Sure, you may spent some time during the movie necking your date, but that's as far as it would've gone for you!

Drive In Movie
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1977 having a bonfire with friends! For you, life is all about friendship. Not only are your friends like your family, but there's no better way to spend a Saturday night than kicking back with your pals and laughing over a few beers.

Bonfire With Friends