How Would You Have Spent A Saturday Night In 1959?

It's Saturday night in 1959, what are you up to? Ready to find out exactly how you would have spent a Saturday night back in the 1950s? Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal the truth!

Question 1/10
It's Saturday morning, what are you doing?
Sleeping in obviously.
Watching cartoons.
Yard work.
Running errands.
Relaxing with at home.

Question 2/10
What did you have for breakfast?
Eggs and bacon
French toast with berries
Fruit and yogurt
A cup of coffee

Question 3/10
How often do you play sports?

Question 4/10
When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Question 5/10
How do you typically spend your Sundays?
Attending church
Cooking up a big meal
Doing something fun outside
Relaxing and taking it easy

Question 6/10
Which musical instrument best matches your personality?

Question 7/10
Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?
My mom or dad
My sister or brother
My pastor or priest
My favorite teacher
My spouse or partner

Question 8/10
What are you most likely to write about in a journal?
My love life
My job
My family
Whatever I feel like.

Question 9/10
What is something that people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?
Video games
Reality TV

Question 10/10
Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost?
My exes house
My parent's house
My nemesis' house
My old school
My work place
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1959 at a drive in movie! For you, Saturday nights were all about heading out in the car, ordering some popcorn, and watching the latest flick of the golden era! You'd love nothing more than cozying up with your sweetheart and enjoying a night out!

At A Drive In Movie
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1959 playing board games with your family! You've always been an introverted and shy person who much prefers a night in at home to a night out on the town. You would have enjoyed a night in with some light snacks, a few good board games, and family style laughs!

Playing Board Games
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1959 at the high school dance! It's obvious that you've always been a bit of a flirt with a love of canoodling with the opposite sex. You love to get dressed up and spend a night out dancing!

At The High School Dance
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1959 at a local diner playing tunes on the jukebox! You've always been a relaxed and low key person who loves to spend a bit of time with your closest crew. You love good music, epic milkshakes, and gossiping with your pals!

At A Diner Playing The Jukebox
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1959 at home calling up friends! Why go out on the town when you can call up some good friends to gossip? You've always loved to talk, vent, and get your feelings out. Calling up your closest pals and enjoying conversation is all you really need from a Saturday night!

At Home Calling Up Friends