How Would You Have Spent A Night In 1970?

Question 1/10
Pick a 1970s magazine:
Rolling Stone
Tiger Beat
Good Housekeeping
Mother Earth News

Question 2/10
What color would you want your 70s kitchen appliances to be?

Question 3/10
When it comes to friends, are you more about quality or quantity?
A mix of both

Question 4/10
What kind of pet would you most like to own?
Pet rock
Pet bird
Pet dog
Pet cat
I don't like animals!

Question 5/10
What do you miss about the past?
People having to talk face to face.
Greater sense of community.
Shag carpeting.
The simple way of life.
The music.

Question 6/10
Choose a 1970 TV show:
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Odd Couple
The Brady Bunch

Question 7/10
What music format do you prefer?

Question 8/10
Which high school stereotype do you fall into?
Prom Queen

Question 9/10
What time do you wake up on a Saturday?
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
12 PM
It varies

Question 10/10
Choose a fabric:
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1970 at the roller rink! You're a fun and social person who loves to be out having a good time with others. For you, nothing would have beat the music, snacks, and skating at a good old fashioned roller rink!

At The Roller Rink
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1970 dancing! You're a social butterfly who loves to dance, mingle, and sip on a few cocktails. You love to get glammed up and never turn down an opportunity to shine brighter than a disco ball!

You would have spent a Saturday night in 1970 at a friend's house! You're the type who prefers to run with a tight group of friends. You're not much for dancing or roller skating. Instead, you think it's more fun to order a pizza, play some board games, and talk about life with your best pals!

At A Friend's House
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1970 at the movies! You're the type who loves to go out, but doesn't always necessarily want to socialize. For you, cinema is a great compromise between staying home and getting out of the house. As a creative soul, you wouldn't spend a Saturday any other way.

Seeing A Movie
You would have spent a Saturday night in 1970 flipping through an issue of Tiger Beat! You're a daydreamer who loves to fantasize about what could be rather than what is. You're flirty, fashionable, and always looking for the next big trend. You're not much for going out, but you certainly love to stay in with a good magazine!

Flipping Through A Tiger Beat
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Back in 1970, disco was just taking hold, cell phones didn't exist, and people actually had to talk to one another! Ever wondered how you would have spent a Saturday night back in 1970? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out!