How Would You Have Spent A Friday Night in 1981?

Friday nights in the 80's were anything but boring! How would you have spent a Friday night back in 1981? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out. The radical results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
Good morning, Sunshine! Time for your breakfast beverage. What will you reach for?
Skinny vanilla latte
Chocolate milk
Black coffee
Orange juice
Diet coke

Question 2/10
From stepping in the shower to walking out the door, how long does it take you to get dressed?
60 minutes
45 minutes
30 minutes
15 minutes
5 minutes

Question 3/10
It's pretty cold out. What kind of jacket do you reach for?
A denim jacket
A leather jacket
A suede jacket
A parka
A army green canvas jacket

Question 4/10
Pick an 80's snack:
Pudding pops
Fruit roll up
Granola bars

Question 5/10
You want to watch a bit of TV. What type of show do you click on?
A family based sitcom comedy.
A thrilling drama.
An action packed crime show.
A cooking show.
A daytime talk show.

Question 6/10
Pick a popular 1980's food chain:
Dunkin' Donuts
Burger King

Question 7/10
It’s 5:00 somewhere. You kick back with which drink?
A craft beer
An appletini
An old fashioned
Peach schnapps
Boxed wine

Question 8/10
Working out is important. Which are you most likely to do?
Go for a run
Walk the dog
Sign up for karate
Shopping is my cardio

Question 9/10
Growing up, your parents were very...
Laid back
Open minded

Question 10/10
Are you more shy or social?
I'm more shy
I'm more social
It varies
You would have spent a Friday night in 1981 at the mall! Malls might not be cool anymore, but back in the 80's they were the place to be. Whether you were hitting up Jamba Juice or scouting a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to go steady with, you spent every Friday night at the local mall!

At The Mall
You would have spent a Friday night in 1981 at the arcade! As someone who loves a good video game or challenge, you would have lived to spend Friday nights with your best pals at the arcade. Collecting tickets, drinking fountain sodas, and trying to beat Frogger would have been right up your alley!

At The Arcade
You would have spent a Friday night in 1981 riding bikes! You're an adventurous leader type who loves to explore the world around you. You wouldn't have wasted your Friday nights sitting at home, you and your friends would have been adventuring around the neighborhood looking for something cool to explore!

Riding Bikes
You would have spent a Friday night in 1981 hosting a sleepover! You're a social butterfly who loves to be around others as often as possible. For you, a classic sleepover would have been the time of your life. Gossiping, playing party games, and watching scary movies with your pals would have been your idea of fun!

Hosting A Sleepover
You would have spent a Friday night in 1981 talking on the phone! As a flirty and social person, you would have lived on the phone in the 80's. Whether it was talking to your crush or gushing to your best friend, you would have used every minute of your Friday night to catch up on the latest news!

Talking On The Phone