How Would You Have Died In The 1800s?

You might think you could survive to old age in any era, but how might you have died in the 1800s? Curious? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out how you would have kicked the bucket in the 19th century!

Question 1/10
Describe your personality in a single word:

Question 2/10
How would you have gotten around in the 1800s?
On horseback
By wagon
On my own two feet
By train

Question 3/10
Where did your ancestors live in the 1800s?
In the northeast
In the midwest
In the wild west
Down south

Question 4/10
What do you often dream about?
Winning a duel
Traveling across the country
Meeting the president
Being chased

Question 5/10
In a relationship, are you more dependent or independent?
I'm more dependent
I'm more independent
It's a mixed bag

Question 6/10
Which of these traits describes you best?

Question 7/10
How would you spend your ideal day out?
Hiking a park
At the bar with friends
At a museum
With family

Question 8/10
Choose your spirit animal:

Question 9/10
Are you male or female?
I'd prefer not to say

Question 10/10
Choose a weapon:
A revolver
My brains
Bow and arrow
My wit
In the 1800s, you would have died in a wild west duel! You're a spitfire with a temper that's harder to control than a wildfire. With a big personality and a bold attitude, you would have butt heads with more than your fair share of cowboys and outlaws back in the day.

Wild West Duel
In the 1800s, you would have died in a stage coach accident! As an adventurous and wild spirit, you would have embarked on many journeys in the 1800s. Unfortunately, your love of the unknown would have lead to your tragic demise! Maybe there's something to be said about playing it safe!

Stage Coach Accident
In the 1800s, you would have died of scarlet fever! As a highly social and extroverted individual, you would have enjoyed attending parties, lunching with friends, and hanging out at the local bar. Unfortunately, your love of being around people would have exposed you to scarlet fever!

Scarlet Fever
In the 1800s, you would have died from drinking tainted water! Your a true nature lover who always embraces new adventures and opportunities to explore. Unfortunately one of your journeys would have lead you to drinking some tainted water! At least you would have died doing something you loved!

Tainted Water
In the 1800s, you would have died of alcohol poisoning! In the past, it was believed that drinking beer was safer than drinking water, but you would have taken beer drinking to a whole different level. With a love of socializing, partying, and being amongst friends, you would have been a rabid drinker. Unfortunately, your love of socializing would have lead to your untimely demise!

Alcohol Poisoning