How Will/Did Becoming A Grandma Change You?

Question 1/10
Do you have any grandchildren currently?
No I don't
I will soon
Yes I do

Question 2/10
How many grandchildren do you want?
Five or more

Question 3/10
Were you close with your own grandmother?
Yes I was
No I was not

Question 4/10
How many children do you have?
8 or more

Question 5/10
What pace do you usually live life at?

Question 6/10
Is your alone time important to you?
Very important
It's somewhat important
No it's not

Question 7/10
How often would/do you spoil your grandchildren?
All the time
On rare occasions
I only do it sometimes

Question 8/10
Which attribute would you like to pass on to your grandchildren?

Question 9/10
Is your family important to you?
Without a doubt
It's somewhat important
Not at all

Question 10/10
How much time do/will you spend with your grandchildren?
I'd be with them every day
Every other day
At least once a week
Once a month
I'm not sure
You probably didn't think you could love someone almost as much as your own children but it happened. You fell in love and now your emotions have become much more vulnerable.

You Became Vulnerable
You'll always be a parent to your children but when you grandchildren came into your life, you felt like a parent all over again. You weren't their parent but you could watch over them all the same.

You'll Feel Like A Parent Again
It's no surprise but when you become/became a grandmother, you'll miss your own grandmother. Now that you understand what she felt, you wish she was back in your life so you could share in the experience.

You Miss Your Own Grandmother
You've probably always worried about the future or stressed about the past but your grandchildren bring you back to the present. You're living in the here and now experiencing life with your grandchildren.

You Become Aware Of The Present
You've probably been living life at a rather fast pace but your grandchildren will be there to slow you down. There's no need to rush and your grandchildren will show you that.

You'll Slow Down
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