How Will Your Next Week Look Like?

This quiz will have you seeing into the future!

Question 1/10
Where would you go for your dream vacation?
Hong Kong

Question 2/10
How would you describe your day-to-day routine?
Always busy and on the go
Easy going and relaxed
It depends on the workload I have that week

Question 3/10
What do you dream about most?
Family and friends
Big scary monsters
Flying over my hometown
Being extremely rich and successful

Question 4/10
What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch?
High dive
Figure skating
Table tennis
Track & field
Snowboard half pipe

Question 5/10
What type of vehicle would you enjoy driving the most?
VW Beetle
Classic Mustang
Land Rover

Question 6/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how studious and 'book smart' are you?

Question 7/10
What's your preferred mode of transportation?
Private car
Public transportation

Question 8/10
What's your signature fashion accessory?
Warm, knit scarf
Statement necklace
Fashion wristwatch

Question 9/10
Pick a citrus fruit!

Question 10/10
What's kind of fashion sense do you have?
I wear whatever is comfortable!
You know those friends who you've just lost touch with, even though nothing bad happened in particular between you two? Well, one of those friends will reappear in your life again next week, and it will be a very welcome surprise!

An old friend will come into your life again.
Next week, you will be blessed with unexpected fortune. Whether it be actual money, free time to spend, or that promotion you've been waiting for, be sure to use it wisely!

You will find unexpected fortune.
Adventure is out there! Next week, whether it be a planned outing or not, you will surely find it. Make sure to take friends and family along!

You will go on a fun adventure.
You're usually so busy with the tasks and activities of every day life that you hardly have time just kick back and smell the roses. However, this weekend, you will do just that - you'll have more than enough time to take a cat nap, watch that movie you always wanted to see, or just lounge around and enjoy the beautiful day!

You will have a relaxing weekend.
Sometimes it might feel like life is just one big 'To Do' list that you can't finish. However, next week, you will turn your productive mode on and hammer out all of those tasks and activities you never got around to!

You will be very productive.