How Will You Describe 2016 In 10 Years?

2016 has had more than its fair share of twists and turns. It's been a crazy year, to say the least. Everyone looks at this year in a unique way, and some people are sure to remember it differently than others in the future. The question is--how will you describe 2016 in 10 years?

Question 1/10
Describe 2016 in one word as of right now

Question 2/10
On a scale from one to ten, how great is your memory?
What was the question?

Question 3/10
Were you in love in 2016?
No, but I did like someone...

Question 4/10
What is your most memorable event of 2016?
Going on vacation
Meeting someone special
Seeing riots or other violent events
Hanging out with friends

Question 5/10
You are a writer for a newspaper. What headline would you choose when writing about 2016?
2016: The Best Year Ever
2017 Can't Possibly be Worse than 2016
Love is in the Air for this Reporter in 2016
2016: Just an Average Year

Question 6/10
You go to a bar. How much do you drink?
None. I am underage/the designated driver
A little, maybe a drink or two
Three or four drinks
I drink until the sun comes up

Question 7/10
Which emotion did you feel most in 2016?
I didn't really feel much emotion in 2016

Question 8/10
Are you happy with the way that your government was in 2016?
Kind of, it had its ups and downs

Question 9/10
Compared to years before, how was 2016?
Better than most years
Worse than most years
About average compared to most years

Question 10/10
How likely is that that you will remember what you did today this time next week?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not likely
You will remember 2016 as a crazy year. So many things changed during 2016, and so quickly too! You are sure to remember this year as being one of the craziest that you have ever seen. You will always have wild stories to tell about 2016.

It Was Crazy
2016 saw a lot of change, and not all of that change was good. Many people were scared about these changes during the year. These scary memories may still be clear in your mind when you tell stories about 2016 even 10 years from now...

It Was Scary
You did so many new and great things during 2016 that you are sure to remember it for the next 10 years, and maybe even for a life time. You will have great stories to tell everyone who you meet, and you are likely to hear similar stories from them.

It Was Fun
2016 might have been crazy for most people, but it was romantic for you! You spent time with someone who you love, and those memories are likely to stand out more than any other that you had in 2016. For you 2016 was the year of love.

It Was Romantic
When the time comes for you to tell stories about 2016, you are likely to come up blank Sure, a lot of crazy things happened --both good and bad-- but will you be able to remember 2016 better than any other year? Probably not. Oh, well. At least you will have pictures to remember the year by, even if your memory can't do it for you.

It Was... Forgetable