How Well Do You Understand Men?

Do you think you understand men better than most? It's time to find out if you truly understand the masculine sex or not. Take these 10 questions and find out how well you understand men!

Question 1/10
What qualities do you think men find most important in a potential girlfriend?
Kindness and compassion
Attitude and sense of humor
Intelligence and confidence
Creativity and quirkiness
Looks and style

Question 2/10
When a man says nothing is on his mind, is he typically telling the truth?
Most definitely
It depends on the circumstances
No way

Question 3/10
Are men intimidated by independence?
Not in the slightest, in fact they prefer it
In certain cases
Yes extremely intimidated

Question 4/10
What's the number one thing that men think about?
A movie they watched the night before

Question 5/10
Is it true that men habitually run from commitment?
No way
It depends on their prior relationships

Question 6/10
What kind of style do you think men like best?
Jeans and a t-shirt
A pretty sundress
Whatever is super trendy
Anything that's tight

Question 7/10
How do you know if a man isn't over his ex?
He can't get through a conversation without mentioning them
He still has pictures of her on his phone
You've caught him texting her
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
How long do men think you should wait before sleeping with them?
1 date
2 dates
3 dates
A few weeks
Men don't care

Question 9/10
Does a guy care what his friends think of you?
Absolutely their opinions count
Not really

Question 10/10
What do men fear most?
Rejection and failure
Being unable to provide
Congratulations, you have a 100% understanding of how men think, act, and feel. You know that men aren't just the stereotypes that people perpetuate onto them. Like a woman, they are complex, unique, and full of surprises. Kudos for being well rounded when it comes to men!

100% Understanding
Well done! You understand men 80% of the time. While you may know what makes a man tick and what gets under his skin, you can often let stereotypes skew your view of how a man behaves. Don't worry, just go with your gut and you'll have a 100% understanding in no time.

80% Understanding
You understand men 50% of the time! You have a strong grasp on how men think and feel, but you can often get confused in areas such as male emotional responses and weird behaviors (who doesn't?). Despite this, you have a strong handle on what makes men tick. Well done!

50% Understanding
You have a 30% understanding how how men! While 30% may seem like a low number, you're anything but average. Your handle on why men behave the way they do is outstanding. You always have perspective and empathy when considering why a man might act the way he does.

30% Understanding
You understand how men think 10% of the time! For the most part, you find men to be totally mystifying. Why the do what they do, will never make sense to you. Despite your best attempts to figure out how men think, you often find yourself coming up with more questions than answers.

10% Understanding