How Well Do You Actually Know Your Partner?

You might think you know your partner better than anyone else, but how well you really know the person you love most? Ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and discover the truth!

Question 1/10
Do you know you your partner's middle name?
Of course!
I think so....

Question 2/10
Do you know their mother's maiden name?
I think so.
Not yet.

Question 3/10
Have you ever told your partner a secret you've never told anyone?
I can't remember

Question 4/10
What do you and your partner talk about most often?
Work stress/life
Our dreams and ambitions
How we're feeling
Current events/news
A little bit of everything

Question 5/10
How much do you know about their partner's childhood?
I know everything they've told me.
I know a little bit, but not much.
I don't really know anything.

Question 6/10
Do you know how your partner takes their coffee?
Obviously, I make it for them all the time!
I think I know their coffee order.
I don't really know this.

Question 7/10
Could you explain to someone exactly what your partner does for a living?
Of course, I know everything about their job!
I know enough to explain what they do.
I don't know much, I should probably learn more.
I don't even know where my partner goes during the day.

Question 8/10
What do you believe is your greatest strength in the relationship?
I'm a good listener.
I'm compassionate.
I'm a team player.
I'm always up for an adventure.

Question 9/10
Do you know your partner's favorite childhood toy?
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
Be honest, could you finish your partner's sentences?
Of course!
I've never tried.
Not a chance.
This quiz revealed that you know your partner better than anyone! It's obvious that you and your partner have great communication skills. Not only are you both extremely open with one another, but you're not afraid to be vulnerable and let your strengths and weaknesses shine. You know your partner in a way that only few people know their loved ones!

You Know Your Partner Better Than Anyone!
This quiz revealed that you know your partner very well! It's clear that you and your partner communicate open and honestly. Not only are you an active listener who picks up on everything your partner says, but you've learned to pick up on their little ticks and habits as well. You know your partner better than most people know the ones they love!

You Know Your Partner Well!
This quiz revealed that you know most things about your partner! You and your partner are great at communicating! Not only are you both fearless when it comes to letting your guards down,but you know that the best way to have an honest relationship is to let yourselves be vulnerable. Sure, you might not know every little tick or habit just yet, but you know your partner better than just about anyone else!

You Know Most Things About Your Partner!
This quiz revealed that you don't know your partner very well! Whether you just started dating or have been together for years, you still have a bit to learn about the one you love. Try picking up on the little habits and ticks that make them so unique. Listen to their stories and rants, you'll learn more just by listening actively than by trying to dig information out of them!

You Don't Know Your Partner Very Well!