How Stressed Are You?

Have you started pulling out your hair?

Question 1/10
Do you ever feel as though there is not enough hours in the day?
All the time
Not usually
Practically never

Question 2/10
Have you lately laid in bed worrying about all the things needed to be done?
Yes I have
No I haven't

Question 3/10
Have you felt in control of your life lately?
Not really
Not at all
Yes I have

Question 4/10
How has your temper been lately?
On edge
Pretty terrible
Not bad
Pretty non existent

Question 5/10
How often do you find yourself having nightmares?
All the time
Pretty often
Not very often

Question 6/10
Meow often would you say you get headaches?
Every other day
A few times a week
I can't even remember

Question 7/10
Do you ever get time to relax?
I wish but no
Of course I do

Question 8/10
How many hours of sleep would you say you get a night?
Less than 5 hours
5-6 hours
7 hours
8 hours
More than 8

Question 9/10
Do you tend to drink a lot of alcohol?
Of course
Only on bad days
Not really
No I don't

Question 10/10
How would you say your thinking is?
I'm unsure
You're reaching your point to where the stress is getting a bit much for you. Just keep in mind that it will all calm down soon enough.

50% Stressed
You're hardly stressed. You may get a bit frustrated here and there but rarely stressed over things.

20% Stressed
You are as cool as a cucumber. Stress is not something that is in your life and you're glad for that. You never sweat the small stuff but rather choose to just lay back and relax.

8% Stressed
Quite a few days, especially bad days, the stress tends to get to you. When you feel close to just screaming out of frustration, remember to just take deep breaths.

62% Stressed
Stress is your middle name and you couldn't hate it more. You tend to get stressed easily, especially if things don't go your way. Try some meditation or yoga to help stay calm on even the worst of days.

86% Stressed