How Should You Watch The SuperBowl This Year?

Super Bowl LII is upon us, but how should you actually watch the big game this year? Should you throw a get together with friends? Perhaps, you're better off rolling solo! Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When it comes to football, food is important. What are you eating?
A huge hoagie ring
Chicken wings
Chips and guac

Question 2/10
It’s getting cold! Pick some headgear to protect your hair.
Baseball cap
Cowboy hat
I'm not a hat person

Question 3/10
Is your team playing in the Super Bowl this year?
I don't have a specific team.

Question 4/10
Pick a drink to sip on:
Craft beer
Vodka cranberry

Question 5/10
Team pride aside, which color scheme do you like?
Red and blue
Green and white
Orange and blue
Yellow and purple

Question 6/10
What part of the Super Bowl are you most looking forward to this year?
Kickoff, I can't stand the anticipation!
The halftime show.
The advertisements.
Honestly, just eating the food.

Question 7/10
After the season is over, how are you going to spend your Sunday afternoons?
Relaxing at home.
Working out.
Whipping up a big meal.
Watching basketball or baseball.

Question 8/10
Are you prone to shouting at the TV during football games?

Question 9/10
Aside from football, what's your favorite sport?

Question 10/10
Will you be working the day after the Super Bowl?
Obviously, it's a Monday!
Nah, I took the day off.
Probably, unless I call in sick.
You should watch the Super Bowl while throwing a big party! Let's face it, you're a football fanatic who is looking for any opportunity to throw a big party and get together with friends. Even if your team isn't in the big game, you're looking forward to chowing down on amazing grub, grabbing some drinks, and watching with your best friends!

With A Big Party
You should watch the Super Bowl at a bar! Sure, you could spend time and money throwing your own Super Bowl party, but who wants to do that! At a bar, you'll have fun hanging out with fellow football fans, drinking with pals, and chowing down on some delicious grub. You're a social person who uses the Super Bowl as a great excuse to get out on the town!

At A Bar
You should watch the Super Bowl with a few close friends! Though you're a football fan, you're certainly not the type to make a fuss or throw a big bash. Instead, you'd rather watch the big game from the comfort of home, surrounded by pals you know and trust. The only way you'll really enjoy yourself is with a low key affair!

With A Few Close Friends
You should watch the Super Bowl at home alone! Let's face it, you're not much of a football fan and you're certainly not one to fake like something just for the sake of fitting in. You mostly watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and as an excuse to eat some killer junk foods. Why not watch the game from home in your sweats? Could anything be better!

At Home Alone