How Should You Watch The Royal Wedding?

Question 1/10
What's your hat game like?
I'm not a hat person.

Question 2/10
Pick some tea:
Earl gray
Cinnamon spice
I don't like tea.

Question 3/10
What role do you play in your family?
I'm the rebellious unpredictable one.
I'm the mature one.
I'm the peacemaker.
I'm the funny one.
I'm the black sheep.

Question 4/10
You've just won $50 on a scratcher. What do you buy with it?
Some comfy new PJs.
The best scotch I can buy.
Some great pastries and wine.
A new top.

Question 5/10
Pick a classy sport:

Question 6/10
When you think of love, the first word that comes to mind is....

Question 7/10
What's your etiquette like?
Off the charts.
It's okay.
I'ts kind of sloppy.

Question 8/10
Choose a breakfast pastry:
Bakewell tart

Question 9/10
Who is your favorite royal?
Queen Elizabeth

Question 10/10
What is most important to you on a Saturday?
Feeling relaxed
Getting things done
Drinking and eating
You should watch the royal wedding alone in bed with some great British tea! That's right, it's time to throw on your comfiest PJs and get the kettle boiling. Nothing would please you more than taking in the most romantic spectacle of the year with a little self pampering and relaxation. Who needs a big hat or a rowdy bar when you've got yourself and your TV remote!

Alone In Bed With Some Tea!
You should watch the royal wedding by hosting a viewing party! You're not the type who does anything half way, especially on a royal occasion such as this. You've bought the hats, baked the crumpets, and have a royal guest list almost as long as the brides. You love to host big events and truly make the most of special moments!

Hosting A Viewing Party!
You should watch the royal wedding at an all night bar! What's a better excuse or staying up all night drinking than a royal wedding? We can't think of anything! Rather than going to bed and getting up early, why not hit the bottle with your best buds and take in the wedding with some a bit of booze on your side.

At An All Night Bar!
You should watch the royal wedding with some yummy indulgent pastries and some close pals! There's nothing like a royal wedding! Celebrate this special occasion by throwing your diet out the door and indulging like a royal wood. Gussy up, get some gossip going, and enjoy this momentous occasion in time!

With Indulgant Pastry And Some Close Pals!
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