How Rich Will You Be In 10 Years?

Most of us dream of a day where money is no object! We can spend freely and cast all of our money woes aside. Yet, not all of us get to enjoy true wealth. Think you're going to be rich in 10 years? Maybe and maybe not. Answer these 10 quiz questions and we'll decide just how rich you'll be in just 10 years!

Question 1/10
What makes you the happiest?
Being told I'm a good friend.
Being told I look great.
Being told I did a good job.
Completing a challenging problem.

Question 2/10
How do you make a bad day better?
I find peace and quiet.
I call up a friend.
I exercise.
I work hard and try to be productive.

Question 3/10
Your group of friends...
Are like my family!
Are very tight knit.
Is mostly co-workers.
Lead very busy lives.

Question 4/10
What pattern does your eye like to look at the most?

Question 5/10
Do you live your life with any regrets?
Nope, I always look the future.
I have a few, but I don't let them bother me.
I have a whole list.

Question 6/10
What makes you feel the worst?
Being ignored
Being bored
Being challenged
Being rushed

Question 7/10
You're driven by...

Question 8/10
Are you close with your family?
Definitely! We talk all the time.
Not really, but I wish we were.
Kind of- we love one another, but we're different.

Question 9/10
On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you?

Question 10/10
Would you say you're a very spiritual person?
Yes, most definitely.
In some ways.
Define "spiritual?"
Not at all.
In 10 years, you'll be filthy rich. Start picking out those yacht names now, because you're going to need them. Ambitious and clever, you'll do whatever it takes to reach the top of the heap. Your drive and social skills will land you a life of luxury very soon!

Filthy Rich
In 10 years, you're going to be very rich! Go ahead and start picking out those private schools and looking into vacation villas in Italy. One day soon, you'll be very rich. With your drive, passion and no holds bar attitude, there's no stopping you from reaching the top of the money ladder soon.

Very Rich
In 10 years, you are going to be comfortably rich! You won't be the type of rich that lives in a mansion or books private jets, you wouldn't want that life anyway. Instead, you'll have enough money to do what you love, help those in need and give your family a great life. That's all that really matters to you anyway!

Comfortably Rich
In 10 years, you're going to be rich in love! Okay, so you won't be filthy rich or even live a life of luxury. That doesn't really matter to you anyway. You'll have enough money to be happy and to truly feel rich in the love of those around you. At the end of the day, it''s not what's in your bank account, it's what is in your heart.

Rich In Love