How Relaxed Are You?

Question 1/10
What do you usually daydream about?
I reminisce about the past
About an exciting event coming up
About what the future will hold

Question 2/10
How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
Less than 6 hours
6-7 hours
8-9 hours
10 hours or more

Question 3/10
Which would you say are?

Question 4/10
What would be a good break away for you?
Exploring the culture and history of a city
A vacation somewhere tropical
Camping somewhere in a cabin
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
How do you feel about relationships?
I've had my heart broken so I'm not interested right now
I'm just casually dating right now
I'm in a loving relationship

Question 6/10
Do you look at the big picture or the smaller details?
The big picture
The smaller details

Question 7/10
Are you able to laugh at yourself?
It depends on the situation
No I can't

Question 8/10
Are you able to accept things that are beyond your control?
Yes I am
I struggle with it sometimes
No I'm not

Question 9/10
Are you happy with your life right now?
I'm perfectly content
I'm pretty happy with it
I'm not very happy with it

Question 10/10
Would you say you stress easily over small details?
Of course I do
Not usually
No I don't
You're a pretty tranquil person who doesn't stress about many things. You like to take life slowly and enjoy everything it has to offer. You rarely get worried about things you and no control over and just appreciate life as it is.

As Relaxed As Possible
You're a chill person who doesn't usually get worked up. You love to bask in the glow of the day and see what experiences and opportunities it has for you. You know that everything happens for a reason and so you don't usually worry about your choices in life.

Totally Relaxed
You're a relaxed person when everything is done and all the worries are gone but otherwise you're pretty anxious. If there is a deadline or errands to be run, you stress about it until it's finished.

Not As Relaxed As You'd Like
You tend to worry about the smaller things in life and stress pretty easily. When there is a big event, you tend to worry about what may go wrong or if you have everything you may need and it leave you pretty frazzled.

Pretty Anxious
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