How Positive Are Your Thoughts?

Do your thoughts have a cynical side to them?

Question 1/10
When you make a big mistake, what do you usually think?
What an idiot
I keep making mistakes
This is nothing I can't get over
It's just a little mistake. It's no big deal.

Question 2/10
When under pressure, which is most likely to run through your mind?
This is gonna be absolutely terrible
I got this, no worries
Maybe it won't be so bad
Hopefully I don't screw this up too bad

Question 3/10
You just had a horrible day. What are you mostly thinking?
My life sucks
Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Tomorrow is a new day
What a terrible day

Question 4/10
You wake up and notice you're an hour late for work. What's most likely running through your head?
I can't do anything right
Here's the start of a crappy day
At least it's only an hour
This is no big deal

Question 5/10
You've just finished an interview for your dream job. What's most likely going through your head?
What if it didn't go as well as I thought?
I absolutely bombed that
I definitely got the job
Hopefully they call soon

Question 6/10
You have a first date scheduled in just a couple hours. What are you most likely thinking?
Even if we don't hit it off, it'll be a fun opportunity
This is gonna be so awkward
What if they end up hating me?
Hopefully we'll have enough to talk about

Question 7/10
Your best friend hasn't called you back in almost a week. What are you most likely thinking?
I hope they're okay
I must've done something to make them hate me
They must be pretty busy
Hopefully I didn't upset them

Question 8/10
You realize you just lost your wallet with all your important information. What are you most likely thinking?
How could I've been so stupid to lose it
No need to get stressed. I'll just call the bank tomorrow
This totally sucks
Why does this always happen to me?

Question 9/10
You end up hurting a friend's feelings and now they're not answering your call. What are you most likely thinking?
I made them hate me. I'm such a terrible person
Why did I say that?
I hope they aren't too hurt
I should learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes

Question 10/10
You are finishing up some important work when you accidentally pull the plug on your computer and lose your work. You realize you haven't saved your work in quite awhile. What's most likely going through your mind?
I'll never be able to finish it now
I'm such an idiot
No need to stress. I still have plenty of time
Hopefully I can finish this in time
You make sure to think absolutely positively. You know that negative thinking will just bring you down so you always look on the bright side of things.

Absolutely Optimistic
You try to think positively most of the times but life gets you down every once in awhile. That's not to say you don't try to keep your thoughts cheery.

Getting There
The way you think greatly depends on the day. Some days it's positive and some days it's negative. More often than not though, you tend to usually look on the bright side of things!

A Bit Positive
While you may not always be the most positive, especially on bad days, you still try to remain optimistic and look on the bright side.

Somewhat Positive