How Old Is Your Soul Actually?

Are you a youthful spirit, a wise old soul, or somewhere in between? Take this quiz now to find out!

Question 1/10
What type of music is your favorite?
Rap/Hip Hop
Pop/Top 40s

Question 2/10
What type of social style do you have?
I may be quiet and shy at first, but I'll get out of my shell if I warm up to you.
I'm friendly to everyone, but only myself around my closest friends.
I am outspoken and outgoing, very social.

Question 3/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how calm and tranquil of a person are you?

Question 4/10
At this point in time, what's the most important thing to you in life?
Spending time with family
Accomplishing your dreams
Staying true to yourself
Having fun
Making lots of friends

Question 5/10
Which celebrity do you feel most similar to?
Jennifer Aniston
Halle Berry
Demi Moore
Jennifer Lawrence

Question 6/10
What's your life balance right now?
80% Work and 20% Play
60% Work and 40% Play
50% Work and 50% Play
40% Work and 60% Play
20% Work and 80% Play

Question 7/10
What type of person makes you cringe the most?
Negative people
Boring people
Unambitious people
Selfish people

Question 8/10
What's your favorite way to relax?
Do yoga
Sit by the ocean or a pool

Question 9/10
What type of parties do you enjoy most?
Big, rowdy house parties
Backyard barbecues full of family and friends
Dinner parties with friends
Trendy nightclub events
Small, intimate nights in with your closest friends

Question 10/10
How would you describe yourself?
You are fun and youthful. You love laughing, joking, and teasing. You are adventurous, and you're always looking for that next big adrenaline rush. You may be a bit reckless, but you know how to seize the day! You have a teenager's soul!

You are the perfect mix between work and play. You know that you need to start working hard to get what you want in life, but you also know it the importance of letting your hair down, letting loose, and forgetting about life's problems once in a while! Your soul is in its mid-20s.

Early 20s
You are very entrepreneurial and ambitious. You have big dreams, and your amazing work ethic won't let you stop until you get them. You are determined and driven to succeed. Your soul is in its late-20s!

Late 20s
You are very family-centered. You love those who have your heart unconditionally, and you will protect them with such a fierceness. You are warm, welcoming, and kind-hearted. Your soul is in its mid-30s!

Mid 30s
You are a very calm, peaceful person. You've been through enough in life and experienced enough to know that it's just not worth it to get easily upset or worked up. You're wise, understanding, and very perceptive. Your soul is in its early 40s!

Early 40s