How Old Are Your Reactions?

Have you ever wondered just how old you are according to how you react to things? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover just how much your reactions reveal about you!

Question 1/10
You walk into a store and the music is blaring. How do you react?
I turn around and leave.
I walk around complaining about the noise.
I cover my ears and muddle through.
I start grooving to the beat!
I shake my head and proceed anyway.

Question 2/10
You see a man who is covered in head to toe tattoos. What's you reaction?
"How interesting! I wonder what they all mean...."
"Why would he do that to himself?"
"To each their own, I guess."
"He's so confident!"

Question 3/10
Your best friend announces that they're joining the Peace Corps. How do you react?
"It's so dangerous!"
"You're a better person than I am!"
"How exciting, you'll get to see the world!"
"Have you thought this through?"

Question 4/10
You ordered no onions on your burger, yet when you come it is covered in onions. How do you react?
I'll just pick them off.
I'd send it back and wait.
I'd ask to see a manager.
I'd get a little angry but deal with it.

Question 5/10
You invited your friend to church and she showed up in a crop top. How do you react?
I'd tell her to go home.
It's her choice, she can do what she wants.
Congratulate her on her confidence.
Suddenly pretend to be ill to get out of going.

Question 6/10
When a celebrity goes from partner to partner, you tend to think...
"They must be impossible to get along with."
"They're a bit on the wild side."
"They're so empowered!"
"I'm not going to follow them anymore."

Question 7/10
Be honest, do you think women should wear pantyhose with skirts?

Question 8/10
Your first date shows up to your door gifts in hand. What do you think?
"Wow,what a good person!"
"They must want something from me."
"That's so thoughtful!"
"What's the catch?"

Question 9/10
What are your thoughts on belly button rings?
They're pretty 1990s.
They're a little weird.
They're awesome!
They can be tasteful I guess...

Question 10/10
What are your thoughts on black lipstick?
It's edgy and cool!
It's only okay at Halloween.
Some people can carry it off.
It's trashy.
Based on your reactions, you're 21 years old! Nothing shocks you or surprises you. You're extremely open minded and totally chill with how others want to live their lives. You're not one to judge and you'd certainly never make a snap judgement based on someone's choices.

Based on your reactions, you're around 35 years old! Though you're pretty open minded and not easily shocked, you do have some opinions on how people should act and how things should be. While you might judge someone for making a crazy choice, you tend to give others the benefit of the doubt!

Based on your reactions, you're around 40! Though nothing really bothers you or puts you out, you can tend to have some pretty big reactions to surprising situations or when someone does something outside of the norm. Sure, you've seen it all, but that doesn't mean you're not still shocked by strange behavior!

Based on your reactions, you're around 55 years old! You believe in doing things a certain way and behaving with good manners. When someone does something shocking just for the sake of being weird, you just can't help but voice your big opinions and let your reactions be heard!

Based on your reactions, you're around 62 years old! You tend to feel pretty shocked and put out by some of the more modern behaviors in life. From weird hair to crazy hash tags, you just don't understand why some people choose to do what they do.