How Normal Are Your Opinions Really?

Do you think that your opinions are pretty normal and on par with that of the average American? Are you ready to find out where you stand? Let's go!

Question 1/10
Do you believe that aliens actually exist?
Yes, there is irrefutable proof!
No, it's just myth!
I'm not sure to be honest

Question 2/10
Do you believe the government is filled with conspiracies?
Yes, they're hiding more than you know!
No, politics are pretty cut and dry.
I don't really know for sure

Question 3/10
Should freedom of speech have limitations when hateful talk is involved?
Yes, absolutely!
No that detracts from the very idea of free speech.
It depends on what's being said.

Question 4/10
Is clean energy the way of the future in your opinion?
Yes, it's the only way!
No, it's not that simple!
I think there needs to be more than one solution.

Question 5/10
Do you believe that artificial intelligence is a good thing?
Yes, bring on the robots!
No way, I find it a bit creepy!
I have mixed feelings about AI.

Question 6/10
What’s the best diet to stay healthy?
A balanced diet
A vegan/vegetarian diet
A carb free diet

Question 7/10
In your opinion, what’s the key to success?
Knowing the right people.
Looking the part.
Working hard.
Cheating the system.

Question 8/10
What (if anything) is leading America in the wrong direction?
Big banks
Lack of educational funding

Question 9/10
Do you believe that elections are rigged in the favor of one candidate or another?
Only that one time in Florida

Question 10/10
Do you openly share your opinions with others?
Only when provoked
All the time
Hardly ever
Based on your quiz results, it seems as if your opinions are completely normal and founded in fact. As a lover of logic and problem solving, you base all of your opinions on solid fact and research, rather than on hearsay.

Completely Normal
Based on your quiz results, your opinion on life, love, and all of the matters of living are pretty normal. While you may diverge from the norm on a few topics, most of your opinions are sound and rooted in reality.

Pretty Normal
Based on your quiz results, your opinions are somewhat normal! Okay, so some of your opinions could possibly be described as “out there” or “strange,” but for the most part your opinions are on par with the rest of your fellow human beings.

Somewhat Normal
Based on your quiz results, your opinions are more than a little strange! You’ve never been a sheep or one to follow the herd. You always form your own opinions based on your findings and feelings. Because of this, sometimes others can see your point of view as a little different.

A Little Strange
Based on these quiz results, your opinions are very strange! While you may not want to be set apart from the crowd as someone with “weird” opinions, we applaud you for being an individual who doesn’t let others sway their opinions or influence their way of life. We think you might be onto something!

Very Strange