How Normal Are Your Cussing Habits?

We may all try to act like we don't cuss, but most of us are more sailor than saint. Do you know how normal your cussing habits really are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Could your favorite swear word be used on television?
Uhhhh...definitely not

Question 2/10
If someone cuts you off in traffic, your initial reaction is to....
Curse them out like it's my job
Honk and give them the finger
Let them pass and go on with my life

Question 3/10
Waiting in line makes you feel like....
Cussing out the entire world
Screaming my head off
It doesn't do anything to me

Question 4/10
Do you watch your mouth in front of children?
No way, they're going to learn it one day
Absolutely they're too young to understand
It depends on how old they are

Question 5/10
Do you find swearing to be a turn on in the opposite sex?
I'd say it's a turn off

Question 6/10
How often do you swear?
In every single sentence
Any time I'm not at work
Most of the time
Only when I'm very angry

Question 7/10
Do you sometimes think you should swear a bit less?

Question 8/10
Do you find swearing to be rude at the dinner table?
It depends on the situation

Question 9/10
Is cursing on your social networks okay?
It's where I swear the most
Only if you're sure the right people are seeing it
Not at all

Question 10/10
Do you swear around your parents?
Do I look like I want to get slapped?
Only if they curse first
All the time
I'd never do this
Your cussing habits are 100% normal! Go ahead and take a deep sigh of relief. While you might like to drop an occasional f-bomb, you're far from replacing actual words with cuss words in your everyday vernacular.

100% Normal
Your cussing habits are 75% normal! Like most human beings, when something happens that's unexpected or shocking, you drop expletives like there's no tomorrow. While this may add up to quite the string of cuss words, you're pretty normal!

75% Normal
Your cussing habits are 50% normal! Okay, so you often cuss in front of children, at the grocery store, while driving, and while waiting in line. While you tend to use expletives to explain how you feel, your habits are only half normal!

50% Normal
Your cussing habits are 25% normal! You love a good expletive (who doesn't)! While so many of us get relief from dropping just the right cuss word at just the right moment, you cuss so often that the words often lose their meaning to others.

25% Normal
Your cussing habits are 10% normal! Why are your cussing habits so strange? Because you don't cuss at all! Unlike most people you'd never drop an expletive for no reason. In fact, you so rarely use curse words, that when you do, your friends stand slack-jawed in disbelief.

10% Normal