How New York Are You?

New Yorkers are known for their one of a kind personalities and way of handing everyday tasks. Do you know how New York you are? Could you fit in with a true New Yorker? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
What’s your favorite feature in your car?
The horn
The stereo
The heated seats
I don't own a car

Question 2/10
How often do you cook dinner?
Every single night
5-6 nights a week
3-4 nights a week
Very infrequently

Question 3/10
If you could only describe yourself in one word, which word would you choose?

Question 4/10
What's your opinion on street food?
It's disgusting
It's delicious and affordable
It can be iffy at times

Question 5/10
If a tourist were to ask you for directions, how would you react?
I'd kindly give them directions
I'd feel irritated at them for making me late
It depends on what I'm doing at the time

Question 6/10
How do you feel about waiting in long lines?
Extremely upset
A little annoyed
I'm fine with lines

Question 7/10
Walking and talking on a cell phone is.....
A way of life
The only way to walk
Dangerous and silly

Question 8/10
Do you tend to be claustrophic?
I'm extremely claustrophobic
I don't mind tight spaces
Sometimes there's no choice but to be crammed somewhere

Question 9/10
What's your favorite thing about where you live?
The lack of traffic
The food
The good people
The culture
The job opportunities

Question 10/10
What are you wearing on your feet most days?
High heels
Ballet flats
You are New York through and through! Do you often find yourself reaching for your car horn more than your radio dial? Have you ever crammed yourself into a square foot of space on a subway? Do you generally feel more angry than at ease? Welcome to life as a New Yorker! You’re as Big Apple as it gets.

100% New York
You are 85% New York! Is black your favorite color? Do you find the sound of sirens and car horns comforting? Do you believe that cooking is just so New Jersey? That’s because you’re more New York than not! Your personality is perfectly apt for this major metropolis. Maybe you should consider a move to the Big Apple!

85% New York
You are 60% New York! Are you capable of weaving through crowds with the agility of a soccer player? Do you love to carry more bags than you know what to do with? We thought so! You’ve got a major dose of New York in you. Maybe you should consider a move to the city that never sleeps. You’d fit in perfectly!

60% New York
You are 30% New York! Unfortunately, you’re not a full on New Yorker. Complaining makes you crazy and the color black makes your soul hurt. You love cooking and hate takeout. What makes you 30% New York? Your drive of course! Also your love of history and culture!

30% New York
You are 10% New York! The city that never sleeps simply doesn't suit you. The fast paced rat race that New York is known for leaves you feeling dizzy and ill at ease. You’re a peaceful and mellow soul who loves soothing colors, nature, and good manners. New York isn’t the place for you!

10% New York