How Much Of An Adrenaline Junkie Are You?

Are you addicted to the thrill, or are you secretly afraid of anything that gets your heart racing? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
What's your preferred method of transportation?
Private vehicle
Public transportation

Question 2/10
Which pet would you most enjoy having?

Question 3/10
What type of movies do you watch most often?
Romantic Comedy

Question 4/10
What's your dream car?
Pick-up truck
Land Rover

Question 5/10
Which Olympic sport do you enjoy watching most?
Track & Field
Figure Skating
Snowboard Half-Pipe
High Dive

Question 6/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how much do you enjoy the great outdoors?

Question 7/10
You're going on a camping trip. What activity are you most excited for?
Singing songs by the campfire
Discovering new hiking trails
Rock climbing
Playing in the river near your campsite

Question 8/10
Which in-the-air activity sounds most appealing to you?
Hang gliding
Tandem sky diving
Hot air balloon riding
Bungee jumping

Question 9/10
What safari animal do you associate with most?

Question 10/10
What's your favorite type of place to eat?
At home - I love home-cooked meals
At trendy eateries/night clubs
At hole-in-the-wall restaurants
At social diners
You are very cautious with the kind of new experiences and adventures you agree to do and have. Safety is your top priority, and you don't feel the need to put your own life on the line just for a short-lived adrenaline rush. You do, however, like the occasional surprise or nature walk!

15% Adrenaline Junkie
You are part-adrenaline junkie! You love seeing new places and meeting new people. You get a high off of being outdoors and exploring unchartered area. However, extreme sports aren't really your thing - you prefer cool hikes and snorkeling in amazing reefs. This stuff gives you just enough of an adrenaline rush to satisfy you!

54% Adrenaline Junkie
You're a pretty big adrenaline junkie. You love doing things like going go-kart racing, skydiving, and rock climbing. You enjoy feeling the wind in your hair and trying out new experiences that others recommend to you. However, you know where to draw the line between exhilarating and dangerous, so you won't do ANYTHING...but you have certainly done more than most people!

72% Adrenaline Junkie
You love extreme sports and doing things that others would call 'very very dangerous!' You are addicted to the adrenaline rush you get when you step into new, exciting experience. Sometimes, even skydiving doesn't give you enough of a rush. You are one of the most addicted-to-adrenaline adrenaline junkies out there!

97% Adrenaline Junkie