How Much Of A Mom Friend Are You?

Are you the mom of your friend group? If so, just how much of a mom friend are you really? With these 10 quiz questions, we can reveal the truth about your role!

Question 1/10
When you go out to dinner with your friends, how early do you arrive?
5 minutes early
15 minutes early
20 minutes early
Right on time
I'm always late

Question 2/10
One of your friends is chilly, do you have an extra sweater she can borrow?
Of course, I always bring an extra sweater or jacket!
She can have mine, I'm okay.
Nope, I'm chilly too.

Question 3/10
You're going on a two hour drive to a theme park. What do you bring?
Snacks, water, sunscreen, and plenty of car games.
Just the essentials: wallet, cell phone, sunscreen.
My wallet and cell phone, that's about it.

Question 4/10
Do you carry a mini-first aid kit in your bag?
Yes, how did you know?
I have some band aids but I wouldn't call it a kit.
No, who does this?

Question 5/10
How do you say goodbye to your pals?
"See you later."
"Get home safe."
"Text me when you get home."

Question 6/10
How often are you the designated driver when you go out?
Almost every time.
Most of the time.
Part of the time.

Question 7/10
Are you always the one to calculate the tip at the restaurant?
Yes, everyone else needs a calculator.
Sometimes, but only if it's a tricky bill.
Nope, I'm usually the one asking for help.

Question 8/10
How many times have you been someone's best man or maid of honor?
More times than I can count.
Once or twice.
Three or four times.

Question 9/10
What do you believe is your best trait?
My intuition
My kindness
My intelligence
My humor
My sense of adventure

Question 10/10
Are you typically the one mediating group drama?
Yes, I'm totally the peacemaker.
Sometimes, but our roles shift.
Nope, I'm usually the one causing drama.
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 100% the mom friend in your group! Let's face it, you've always got snacks, band aids, sunscreen, and enough Tylenol for the whole group. You're always mediating little tifts, keeping everyone on task, and making sure the whole group is cared for!

You're 100% The Mom Friend!
You're 80% the mom friend! You're the friend who everyone comes to when they're in full on crisis mode. Not only are you the shoulder to cry on, but you're the only one in your group who can dole out wise advise with the wisdom of someone twice your age. You're always prepared for whatever life throws your way and you aim to make sure your friends are all happy and cared for!

You're 80% Mom Friend!
You're 50% the mom friend! Most of the time, you're the one who is keeping the whole friend group from going off the rails. You give great advice, always lend a shoulder to cry on, and keep an endless supply of snacks and tissues in your giant mom bag. Though you also love to have a good time and cut loose, you put responsibility first!

You're 50% Mom Friend!
You're 30% the mom friend! Sometimes, you're the nurturer who just wants to take care of everyone and plan out the day. Other times, you just want to live a drama free life and be on your own. You care about your friends, but you don't exactly feel like you need to be their mother!

You're 30% Mom Friend!
Your 10% the mom friend! Let's face it, being the mom of your friend group just isn't want you want in life. Sure, you might give great advice and always know the right thing to say, but you're not the type who likes to lecture others or tell people how they should live their lives. You're a free spirit who just wants to do your own thing and have a good time!

You're 10% Mom Friend!