How Many Kids Could You Really Handle?

You might think you could handle a family the size of a basketball team, but could you really? It's time to find out if how many children you're capable of handling!

Question 1/10
You walk in the door after work to find the dog pooped on the kitchen floor, your teenager brought friends over, and there are towering piles of laundry everywhere. Are you feeling a bit stressed out?
Stressed is too kind of a word
I'm overwhelmed
I'm laughing at the absurdity of the situation
I'm stressed but ready to tackle each mess one step at a time
Messes happen

Question 2/10
What part of non-parenthood would you miss the most?
Nights out with friends
The freedom of doing whatever I want
Hair that is free from both snot and cheerios
Nothing I love being a parent
The quiet

Question 3/10
One kid has to be at soccer and the other kid has to be at dance. What are you whipping up for dinner in a flash?
Macaroni and cheese
Spaghetti and meatballs
Take out still counts right?
Grilled cheese
Nights like this is are why fast food exists

Question 4/10
How often did you fight with your siblings as a child?
All we did was fight
I've used a Barbie as a club on more than one ocassion
We bickered often
We never fought

Question 5/10
How do you feel about animated movies?
I love them
I hate them
They're awesome in 3D
Some are good and some are bad

Question 6/10
What's the most important trait to have as a parent?
A good sense of humor

Question 7/10
What are your feelings towards babies?
Cuteness overload

Question 8/10
How would you describe your interior design style?
Shabby chic
Playful and sparse
Modern and sleek
Rustic and charming
Quirky and vintage

Question 9/10
Would you classify yourself as a workaholic?
Most definitely
I have a tendency to put work first
I always put family first
I've managed to strike a good balance between work and family

Question 10/10
Do you always follow a plan or do you live life by the seat of your pants?
I'm a planner
I fly by the seat of my pants
I do a bit of both
I think certain situations call for each
You could handle one child! You already feel a bit in over your head with work and life, adding children to the mix might not end beautifully. Your multi-tasking skills aren't the best and you somehow manage to lose your car keys at least once a day. More than one kid could be a recipe for disaster! After all, you can't lose a kid the same way you lose your keys, that tends to end in jail.

One Kid
You could handle two kids! In your opinion, two is the perfect number of children to have. Not only can they entertain each other (giving you some much needed alone time), but you gave yourself the shot at both a boy and a girl. Handling more than two kids would prove difficult for you based on your bad habit of losing things, your need for alone time, and your demanding work schedule.

Two Kids
You could handle three kids! With your love of planning, making lists, and buying office supplies, you could easily organize and handle three kids. Not only are you an excellent multi-tasker but your patient nature would make it easy for you to handle the various melt downs and bad days that three kids are liable to have.

Three Kids
You could handle four kids! When it comes to juggling a schedule, you can keep as many balls in the air as you want. Four kids would prove no problem for a loving, patient, and kind multi-tasker like yourself. Not only could you easily handle the logistics of four kids, but your easy going nature would keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out when things go less than perfect.

Four Kids
Whoa, look at you. You could easily handle five kids! Given your humorous nature, love of adventure, and ability to seemingly have eyes on all sides at all times; you'd make a great parent. Not only does your stern but gentle nature make discipline a breeze, but your ability to laugh even when things aren't going as planned is absolutely vital in making the best of parenthood and even forming strong lifelong bonds with your children.

Five Kids