How Many Kids Can You Cope With?

Are you a natural with children? Are you the type of person who should have hordes of offspring, or would do better to hang out with your favorite niece once and a while? Take this quiz to discover your patience level and ability to be around children.

Question 1/10
Regarding this image
So adorable!
I worry that child is hurting that infant

Question 2/10
When it comes to noise
The louder the better
I prefer the quiet
I like a balance of quiet time and noisy time

Question 3/10
Are our most valuable resource
I have a natural way with them
Should be seen and not heard

Question 4/10
Which would you rather do?
Go to Disney
Read a book
Play a game

Question 5/10
People who know me say
I have the patience of a saint
I'm too serious
I'm fun to be around
Often ask me to babysit their children

Question 6/10
How do you feel about a clean house
I am definitely OCD
I like things neat
No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed

Question 7/10
What is your dream job?
CEO of a notable company
Business owner

Question 8/10
Do you like children?
Adore them!
They can be fun

Question 9/10
Pets or Children?
Why not both?
I'd rather have a dog

Question 10/10
Are you close to your family of origin?
Yes, very close
No, I have created a family of choice that I am close to
We see each other at holidays, funerals and weddings
You probably already know this, but you are better off solo or with adults. You are a thinker, who must have order and must be able to complete a thought. Rugrats will only stir up the muck.

Your Best To Go It Solo
You do best when you are one on one with children. It's important to you to communicate and give the children you are around your full attention. If you have children you should probably only have one that you can parent just the way you want. That plus you are not entirely patient enough to have a brood.

Only Child
You are good with multiple children and believe that children should have siblings. If you become a parent you should have two, but no more than three. If you don't have children you should seek them out, i.e.. spend time with your nieces and nephews. You will be the cool aunt/uncle and you need the interaction to be fulfilled in your life.

Two Children, But Not More Than Three
You should have a brood of children, or be a teacher at least. Children love to be around you and you love the energy of being around groups of children. You have a lot of love to give and owe it to the children in your life to give it.

The More The Merrier
You like kids well enough, but do not have the disposition to be around them 24/7. When you are with them, you are fun and playful which is why you are a great babysitter, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of scraped knees and parenting a teenager, you would not hold up.

Baby Sitter