How Manly Are You?

How much testosterone runs through your veins? Take this quiz to reveal just how manly you are.

Question 1/10
How much do you enjoy watching sports?
I would rather play them
I would watch them all day if I could
I will watch an important game
I don't mind having them on in the background
I prefer to do other things with my time
None of these

Question 2/10
How much do you enjoy engaging in gossip?
I can't help myself, it's so interesting
If somebody wants to tell me something juicy, I won't stop them
I talk every now and then just like everybody else
I might pass a few things on every once in awhile
My mouth is like a vault
None of these

Question 3/10
Do you consider yourself handy?
Not Really
I don't know

Question 4/10
What do you do when you are lost?
Drive around until I find the right way
Pretend like I know where I am going
Stop and ask directions
Let somebody else take over
I don't get lost
None of these

Question 5/10
How often do you help people move?
All of the time
None of these

Question 6/10
How would you describe fishing?
None of these

Question 7/10
How long have you gone without showering?
Less than 24 hours
A few days
A week or more
None of these

Question 8/10
You drink your beer...
Straight out of the bottle
Out of a glass
Out of a straw
I don't like the taste of beer
None of these

Question 9/10
When you are carpooling, how often do you drive?
All of the time
Most of the time
I am a pretty good wingman
Everybody takes an equal turn
None of These

Question 10/10
Do you own a tent?
Yes, more than one
I have one
You are all male. Female thoughts and emotions don't even cross your mind. You are 100% manly.

100% Man
You are mostly male with just a little bit of female thrown in. You are 90% manly.

90% Man
You are mostly male with just a little bit of female thrown in. You are 80% manly.

80% Man
You are perfectly balanced. You have just as much yin as yang . You are 50% manly.

50% Man
You are a little manly but mostly are comprised of female qualities. You are 10% manly.

10% Man