How Loyal Are You?

Would you stop at nothing to keep your word and remain faithful to someone? How often are you selfish instead? Take this quiz to find out how loyal you are!

Question 1/10
How long did your longest romantic relationship last?
1-2 months
1-2 years
3-4 years
5-6 years
7+ years!

Question 2/10
Do you find it hard to make decisions sometimes?
Yes, all the time.
Only sometimes, depending on the situation.
No, I know what's important to me and make my decisions based off of that.

Question 3/10
Which of the following is most important to you in life?
Having fun

Question 4/10
You've always had an Android phone, but the new iPhone came out and everyone is buying it. It's time for you to replace your old phone. What model will get?
It'll be a tough decision that I have to think long and hard about.

Question 5/10
Have you ever changed your display name on Facebook?
Yes, often.
Yes, once.

Question 6/10
Every American football season, do you cheer for the same team or switch it up?
Same team - I'm a die hard fan!
I tend to switch up my favorite team every 2-4 years, depending on the caliber of players they get.
I switch it up every year just to keep things more exciting!
I don't like football - I prefer another sport instead!

Question 7/10
How important are family traditions to you?
VERY important. I look forward to them every year!
Important, but I understand if they need to be broken sometimes.
I don't like that mushy gushy stuff very much.

Question 8/10
Imagine you're a lawyer working with a certain law firm. You love your work environment and your boss has always treated you well. However, a competing law firm just offered you a job with better benefits? What do you do?
Take the new job!
Try to negotiate with your present firm for better benefits so you can stay.
Say no to the competing firm - you know you're treated well where you presently are.

Question 9/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how selfless do you think you are?

Question 10/10
Do you still have a toy from your childhood around the house?
Yes, I love it and can't bear to let it go!
No, but I wish I still had it with me.
No, I sold all that stuff awhile back.
You know you have a commitment issue, and you recognize that you are disloyal more than half the time. Don't worry - keep working on it, and your loyalty will increase. Just constantly remind yourself why the relationships you are loyal to are so important to you!

20% Loyal
You have a problem being loyal. Maybe it's because the endless opportunities the world presents us with just attract you so much that you can't be faithful to one person or situation? You're loyal a bit less than half the time, and you should work on prioritizing which relationships are most important to you and always remaining loyal to those!

48% Loyal
You stay loyal to family members and those you love the most, but others? You don't feel such an obligation to them. You know which relationships are important and those are the ones you'll always be faithful to.

67% Loyal
You may have slipped up once or twice in the past, but that's it, and they weren't even major disloyal situations either! You're a good person with a great moral compass, and for the most part, you are a very loyal friend.

89% Loyal
You are the most loyal friend or family member anyone can ever find. You will stick up for those you love and remain faithful to the highest degree. People count on you above their other friends because they know they can just sense this quality in you.

95% Loyal