How Los Angeles Are You?

Los Angeles natives are known for their love of surf, sun, and relaxing. Do you think you could fit in to this laid back city? Take these 10 questions and find out just how Los Angeles you are!

Question 1/10
What do you find the most annoying?
Bad weather
People with kids
Urban sprawl

Question 2/10
How do you feel about the rain?
It's relaxing
It's apocalyptic
It's annoying
I'm indifferent

Question 3/10
Have you ever driven a long distance to a gym in order to run on the treadmill?
I can't remember

Question 4/10
About how long is your daily commute?
Under 15 minutes
20-30 minutes
45-60 minutes
Way too long

Question 5/10
Do you naturally tan or naturally burn?
It's a mixed bag

Question 6/10
How many time have you been to Las Vegas?
More times than I can count

Question 7/10
Gas prices seem totally.....

Question 8/10
What kind of takeout are you ordering on a Friday night?
Burgers and fries

Question 9/10
How would you describe yourself in one word?

Question 10/10
How many celebrities have you met in your life?
One or two
A handful
I lost track a long time ago
You are 100% Los Angeles! Do you use the words “like,” “totally,” and “dank” more than any other word in the English language? Do you tan after standing in the sun for 10 minutes? Do you love discussing traffic patterns? We thought so! You’re so LA we don’t think you could truly call any other place home.

100% Los Angeles
You are 80% Los Angeles! Do you love high fashion, fast cars, and big houses? Do you consider brunch the most important meal of the day? We thought so! You’ve got the LA spirit in you for sure. Not only are you a beach baby who loves the sun, but you love the carefree vibe and luxury associated with this American city!

80% Los Angeles
You are 60% Los Angeles! You’re a true beach bum who loves to spend your days lazily idling away by the beach. While you’ve got a strong work ethic, you don’t believe work should rule your life. You’ve got a strong spirit of LA within you!

60% Los Angeles
You are 30% Los Angeles! Okay, you hate traffic. You can’t spend 10 minutes in the sun without lighting up like a Christmas tree. And you truly loathe the word “like.” While you love the carefree attitude of Los Angeles, your personality simply doesn’t agree with every facet of what makes LA tick!

30% Los Angeles
You are 10% Los Angeles! You and Los Angeles simply don’t click. Your love of nature, cold weather, and sunscreen just aren't’ a good match for the California vibe. You like to work hard, get things done, and spend time working on hobbies rather than your tan.

10% Los Angeles