How Long Would You Survive In Westeros?

Do you know how long you would survive in the cut throat world of Westeros? It's time to find out! Take these 10 questions and discover if you could really hack it for the long haul in this fantasy world.

Question 1/10
Are your intentions usually good?

Question 2/10
Could your wardrobe be described as "fur heavy?"
What does that even mean?

Question 3/10
Do you believe that you trust more easily than others?

Question 4/10
Where would you live in Game of Thrones?
The Red Keep
The Eerie

Question 5/10
How would you travel Westeros?
On foot
By dragon
By horse
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
What's the best way to stay warm in cold weather?
Wearing many layers
Fattening up
Warming materials such as liquor
Move around to create heat
Don't go outside

Question 7/10
Which creature would be your sidekick?
I don't need a sidekick

Question 8/10
What do you believe is your best quality?
I'm resilient
I'm a bit psychic
I'm logical
I'm passionate
I'm intelligent

Question 9/10
What house would you be in?

Question 10/10
What are you most afraid of?
Eternal winters
My past
Being betrayed
I'm not afraid of anything
Based on the results of this quiz, you would last a lifetime in Westeros! Few people possess the character necessary to become a true leader, but you do, and you would use it to advance in Westeros with dignity, honor, strength, and knowledge. You would prevail in Westeros and find true glory once and for all!

A Lifetime
Based on the results of this quiz, you would last for 10 years in Westeros! Lasting 10 years in this grim and brutal world isn't easy, in fact, it has proven downright impossible for some. Luckily, you possess the character and honor necessary for one to survive in this world.

10 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, you could survive for 6 years in Westeros! Few people possess the skills and prowess necessary for survival in this grim world, but you certainly do. Though would not prevail and make it to the end, you would fight the good fight and honor yourself for 6 years.

6 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, you could last for 3 years in Westeros! While this brutal world can have people killed for simply rubbing someone the wrong way, you would prevail for three years before meeting your bitter end. It is your clever nature, wit, and logic that would keep you alive for this long.

3 Years
Based on the results of this quiz, you would last one day in Westeros! This brutal realm would prove far too difficult for you to endure. On an average day, anyone could be sent to death for simply looking at someone in the wrong way. You simply wouldn't have the rank, power, and leadership skills necessary to survive in this world

1 Year