How Long Would You Survive In California?

While California is always sunny and bright, the same can't always be said for the residents. How long would you survive in California? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
First things first, what are your thoughts on the beach?
They are the dirty dumping grounds of seagulls
They are havens for crazy surfers
They are relaxing and beautiful
They offer endless potential for fun
They provide a great opportunity for drowning

Question 2/10
You've already been sitting in traffic for 20 minutes and your car hasn't moved. How are you feeling?
Like I want to set the world on fire
I've spammed all of my social networks with traffic related hate posts
I'm not happy but I'm not losing my mind either
I'm using this opportunity to fine tune my karaoke skills
Traffic is traffic no use getting upset about it

Question 3/10
How cool are you with the words "like," "bro," "due," "bra," and "totally?"
I use those words all the time
I write annual rage letters to the government concerning these words
They're okay sometimes
They're only okay when poking fun at someone else who says them

Question 4/10
How much time are you willing to spend talking about how you got somewhere?
None at all
Five minutes max
Ten minutes would be pushing it
I could go on and on about how I got somewhere
I'm not even sure people talk about this sort of thing

Question 5/10
Do you consider an appointment time to be a loose suggestion rather than a concrete thing?
Absolutely you never know what's going to happen
No way appointments exist for a reason
Finally you're speaking my language
I find this question to be rude

Question 6/10
Do short bouts of rain tend to frighten you?
What? No! It's just rain!
I don't leave my house if it rains for more than 20 minutes
It's just water why would I be scared
Rain is the universe's way of telling me to call in sick
Rain is relaxing

Question 7/10
How easily do you tan?
I don't tan I burn and then burst into flames
I'm a golden goddess all summer
I can get a slight tan if I sit outside for an entire day
I tan very easily
Tanning is for chumps. SPF forever!

Question 8/10
What's your natural hair color?
I forgot ten colors ago

Question 9/10
Would you eat week old grass trimmings if they were plated nicely and in an artistic way?
Sure if it looks nice I'll eat it
Are you kidding me?
I'll try anything once
Cows eat grass therefore I'll eat grass

Question 10/10
Would you ever name your child "Pacman" or "Cupcake?"
Absolutely the weirder the better
No way I want my kids to like me
I'd consider it but probably not
I'm not sure
You could survive in California your whole life! You're truly made for the golden coast. Not only do you love weird foods plated in artistic ways, but you're a beach baby at heart. You've never had an issue with using "dude" more than once in a sentence and you think pale skin is a mark of vampirism.

Your Whole Life
You could survive in California for 5-10 years! California would seem a paradise to you at first. Warm sun, nice beaches, and good food. What's not to love? Well, eventually you loathe the idea of driving anywhere. The world like becomes as grating as nails on a chalkboard. And your tired of the third degree sunburns. In 10 years, you're out!

5-10 Years
You could survive in California for 2-3 years! Your first year in California was pure fun. Who doesn't love surf and sand? The next year was quite a bit harder once the shine wore off. You start to feel a bit alien. You start changing your hair color to fit in. You glow under the California sun with your pale skin. Nothing is right and you run for the East coast!

2-3 Years
You could last in California for 1 year! Between the sun burns you would accrue and feeling slightly above average in intelligence at all times, Cali would quickly wear on your nerves. Not to mention, sitting in traffic is enough to turn you into the Hulk!

1 Year
You would last in California for 3 months! Why are there so many blondes? What am I eating? Why can't I afford a bedroom in my apartment? California would quickly get under your skin and it'd back to the opposite coast for you. Not only would the expense put you in a tizzy, but one can only eat so many fish tacos off of a truck before you realize that you're probably not where you're meant to be.

3 Months