How Long Would You Last In The Wild West?

With gunslingers and cowboys, bandits and bad guys ,how long would you actually survive in the Wild West? Do you have the right attitude to make it in this wild time? With just 10 easy questions, we'll reveal just how long you would have lasted in this crazy environment!

Question 1/10
How independent are you?
Very independent
Kind of independent
A little independent
Not independent at all

Question 2/10
Are you more stubborn than most?
Yes, definitely.
In some ways.
Nope, not at all.

Question 3/10
Where do you mostly like to hang out?
My house
Wine bars
Dive bars
Race tracks
Coffee shops

Question 4/10
A rattlesnake snuck into your boot and bit you. What do you do?
Amputate my own leg.
Try to get to a doctor.
Suck out the venom.
Ignore it and hope it goes away.
Panic and start drinking.

Question 5/10
Does hot weather bother you?
A little
Not really
Of course
Not at all
It varies

Question 6/10
Everyone wanted a bit of gold back in the day! Would you try to get yourself a piece?
Yes, I live and die by gold!
No, but I would hire a mining crew!
I'm more into silver.
Nah, I've got other ideas in mind.

Question 7/10
How would you cross a river in the woods?
I would just turn around.
I would ride my horse.
Look for the narrowest part.
I'd swim.
I'd build a makeshift bridge.

Question 8/10
How often do you need to do laundry?
Every few days.
Every week.
Every day.
Every few weeks.
Only when stuff is dirty.

Question 9/10
What do you do if someone tries to mug you?
I hand over my wallet.
I scream for help.
I mug them instead.
I run.
I fight back.

Question 10/10
You've been challenged to a duel. How are you gonna get out of this alive?
My intimidating stare.
The speed of my draw.
My aim.
Pure luck.
I'd skip town.
Giddy up! You could last in the wild west for a lifetime. Not only do you know your way around a horse, but you're the type whose ego is almost as big as a 10 gallon hat. You wouldn't shy away from the challenges of wild west life, nor would you ever turn down a chance to duel! You would have been the most talented gunslinger in the west.

A Lifetime
Howdy partner! You would have lasted in the wild west for an adventurous 25 years. Clearly, you know your way around a horse. Not only are you a natural born cowboy or cowgirl, but you're a hard worker who isn't afraid to pay your dues. You know that life is full of challenges and setbacks. That's part of the fun! You're totally fearless, adventurous, and ready for life in this wild world!

25 Years
Time to bust out the chaps! You would have lasted in the wild west for around 10 years. Sure, a decade isn't a long time, but it's more than most. Your downfall would be your foolhardy confidence. You'd walk around talking the talk, but walking the walk in chaps isn't easy. Of course you're a hard worker, but if you can't keep from ending up and fights and duels, what does it matter/

10 Years
Yee-haw! You would have lasted in the wild west for three years. Okay, so three years isn't much time. Sadly, you'll either end up dying in a gun battle or via snake bite. It's okay, not everyone can hack it out west. At least you would have lasted longer than some!

3 Years
Uh-oh, you may want to hang up the cowboy hat and set your time machine to a different era! Walking around in the wild west would not have been your cup of tea. Sure, you love horses and a good saloon, but being a cowboy or gunslinger was more than just keeping up appearances. It meant being tough, adventurous, and willing to take any chance!

1 Year