How Long Would You Have Lived In Ancient Rome?

When in as the Romans do! Let's say you time travel back to Ancient Rome. Could you stick it out for the long haul or would you be begging to come back to the modern day? Is life in Rome really for you? Let's take a trip back and find out how long you could have lived in Ancient Rome!

Question 1/10
Choose a ruler for your time in Ancient Rome:
I don't know...

Question 2/10
For the sake of this quiz, you can choose your social class. Which one will you go for?
I don't believe in class systems!
Let's give the Plebian class a try.
An equestrian all the way.
A member of the Patrician class.
Eh, any of them are fine.

Question 3/10
What will your Roman home look like?
I'll live in the great outdoors, what could be better?
The upper floor of an apartment building.
The lower floor of an apartment building.
A dome or home on the hill
Somewhere close to town.

Question 4/10
On the average day in Rome, what would you choose to eat?
Cereal, bread, and veggies.
Cereal and gruel or mush.
Bred, lentils, and fruit.
Meat, wine, bread and cheese.
Is red wine a food group?

Question 5/10
What would your role be at the famed Coliseum?
I would compete!
I would stay home.
I'd be a spectator in the stands.
I'd be in the box seats.
I'd be an announcer.

Question 6/10
Which subject do you find most fascinating?

Question 7/10
What would you do about injustice in society?
Protest in the streets.
Go on a hunger strike.
Nothing, it's not worth the risk.
Attempt to meet with the higher ups.

Question 8/10
Do you believe that education is more or less important than experience?
More important.
Less important.
Equally as important.

Question 9/10
Which profession would you take on in Rome?
Business owner

Question 10/10
Many people were all about the Roman baths. What would you do while you were there?
Just bathe.
I wouldn't go to the Roman baths.
Bathe and gossip.
Bathe and wrestle others.
Bathe quickly and leave.
Sadly, you would only last around 9 months in Roman times. When faced with food shortages, bad living quarters, and few resources, you would be begging to come back to 2019. Sure, the buildings might be pretty to look at it, but life in Rome was far from a walk in the park!

9 Months
Whoa, look at you! Even back in Roman times, you would be living your best life. Though you would eventually succumb to an untreatable disease, before your untimely demise, you'd be living it up Roman style. Baths, chariot races, feasts, and good wine are all a part of your daily life in Rome. Why would you ever want to leave?

20 Years
Based on our calculations, you could live in Ancient Rome for about 10 years! At first, life in Rome would be like one big party. You'd enjoy the chariot races, drink red wine, and maybe even enjoy a Roman bath or two. Unfortunately, reality would set in rather quickly, as food shortages, lack of good housing and disease would run rampant!

10 Years
Okay, so life in Ancient Rome would be okay for a bit, but then you'd be clamoring to come back to 2019! Right now, you're used to all the conveniences of modern life. A comfy bed, plenty of hot food, and medicine when you're sick. Heck, even a hot shower is a reason to celebrate. But in Roman times, none of this was guaranteed or a possibility! To someone who likes comfort, you'd be running away from Rome in 5 years!

5 Years
Look at you, living it up in Ancient Rome, partaking in chariot races and advancing yourself in the arts. You're a lover of red wine, long Roman baths, and working your way up the social ladder. You know how to schmooze, back stab, and run with the higher ups in Roman society. You could truly make a life for yourself in this Ancient Civilization!

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