How Long Would You Have Lasted During The Stone Age?

Nowadays- survival isn't quite that hard. We have so many modern conveniences to help us along. In the stone age, survival past a certain age wasn't guaranteed nor was it simple. From getting your own food to battling illness, there was nothing easy about this prehistoric way of life! How long would you have lasted in the stone age? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What do you believe is the most important aspect of survival?
Food and water
Mental stimulation

Question 2/10
Your day typically gets started at around ____________ in the morning.
6 AM
5 AM
7 AM
8 AM
9 AM or later

Question 3/10
Hunting was a big part of surviving in the stone age. What would you have hunted with?
A sharpened stick
A big rock
A stone ax
A flint spear
A bow and arrow

Question 4/10
People in the stone age were also hunter gatherers. That means you'll need to forage some plants and berries. How well do you know your edible plants?
Very well, I spend most of my time outdoors.
Pretty well, I know the basics.
Not very well at all.
I was a Boy Scout, does that count?

Question 5/10
Shelter is one of the most important aspects of survival. What would yours be built from?
Sticks and stones
Animal skin and various barks
Wood, clay, mud, sticks and hay
Just stone and clay
Leaves and branches

Question 6/10
After hunting, how would you prepare your meals?
I'd just eat it raw!
Cook it over a wood fire.
Cut it up with sharpened stones and then cook it.
I probably wouldn't eat meat.

Question 7/10
A local spring is running dry. How would you hydrate?
I'd collect dew from leaves.
I'd pray for rain.
Collect rain water in a clay vessel.
Dig an underground sill.
Go out searching for water.

Question 8/10
At night, you hear rustling in the nearby woods. It's probably an animal. What do you do?
Stay quiet and hope it goes away.
Start gathering some weapons.
Start stalking the animal.
Send someone else out to check.
Make lots of noise.

Question 9/10
How well do you cope with stress most of the time?
I'm cool as a cucumber.
Nothing really stresses me out.
Better than most people.
I'm generally a basket case.
Not well at all.

Question 10/10
When temperatures start to drop, what kind of clothes will you wear?
Animal hides and fur.
A cape fashioned from leaves.
Nothing, I'd go au natural.
If anyone could have hacked it as a cave man, it's you. In fact, you'd live to be pretty old by caveman standards. Few made it to 40 back then, most didn't even get to 20! Luckily, you're strong, clever, and driven to survive. You know how to make the most out of what you have, even without any prior knowledge how to use something!

40 Years
You could cut it as a caveman for 35 years! Hey, that's not too shabby. Most cavemen couldn't make it past the age of 20, yet there you are, old at 35. You're someone who isn't afraid to be innovative. When you find an object, you look for ways to use it purposefully. You could have hunted with skill, gathered with ease, and made the best of this kind of life!

35 Years
You could have hacked it as a caveman for 21 years! Hey, look at you, out surviving everyone. That's not too shabby in this prehistoric world. While some would have struggled to hunt or provide, you'd be out there literally killing it. You know how to take what you have and make it useful. That's pretty rare in any era!

21 Years
You could have survived as a cave man for 15 years! Okay, so your time as a caveman would be short, but it would be full of experiences. While you're not much of a hunter, you could make the most of gathering and staying back at the shelter. Sure, this lifestyle is not for you, but you would have made a good 15 years of it.

15 Years
You could have survived as a cave man for 10 years! Okay, so cave man life is not for you. The whole hunter gather thing? Not a chance. You're someone who loves to rely on convenience at every turn. Making your own clothes, shelter and food would prove both challenging and boring. After all, you have better things to do!

10 Years