How Long Could You Survive In “Wayward Pines?”

Waking up in Wayward Pines can seem a bit of a nightmare at first, but some are more equipped to handle this relative utopia than others. Do you think you can make it in the Pines? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What is your biggest fear?
Losing myself
Dying alone
Losing my family
I fear nothing

Question 2/10
What would you change about yourself if you could?
Absolutely nothing
I'd be more disciplined
I'd take more chances
I'd be more involved

Question 3/10
What motivates you to work hard?
My family
The greater good of humanity

Question 4/10
What really makes you angry?
People who don't follow the rules
Outspoken people
Selfish people
Nothing really angers me

Question 5/10
How do you feel about surprises?
I hate them
I love them
I'm indifferent

Question 6/10
How would your friends describe you?

Question 7/10
Are you a clean person or a messy person?
I'm a mix of both

Question 8/10
Are cultural traditions valuable?
Not at all

Question 9/10
Is your glass half full or half empty?
Half full
Half empty
A mix of both

Question 10/10
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
It depends on the day
The brainwashing seems to have worked on you, as you could easily live a happy life in Wayward Pines for at least two years. Sure the dwindling food supply and threat of abby's would likely be a bit irritating, but it's nothing you couldn't endure for the sake of "utopia."

Two Years
You could survive one year in Wayward Pines! Perhaps you have a cause that you're fighting for or maybe there's some unfinished business you need to attend to. While you would likely loathe living in Wayward Pines, you've got the can-do attitude that would allow you to outlast your fellow citizens.

One Year
You would only survive 6 months in Wayward Pines! While you would try to acclimate to regular life in the pines, you would soon go stir crazy. In an attempt to break out of the town you would inevitable scale the fence and then face certain doom via the hands of an Abby.

Six Months
You could survive 3 months in Wayward pines! Wayward Pines isn't your idea of utopia. Quite honestly you find the people there to be creepy brainwashed cultists. You consider the fact that you laste3 months to be quite an achievement.

Three Months
You could survive 1 month in Wayward pines! The minute you would step foot in Wayward Pines you would want out. There's nothing about this creepy version of eutopia that suits your individualistic way of thinking. You could never be told what to do and let others get away with it!

One Month