How Long Could You Survive In The Movie “It?”

The movie "It" could send chills down the spine of any movie goer, but how long could you survive in this fictional world? It's time to find out just how long you could actually survive in this horror movie!

Question 1/10
When it comes to taking on a challenge, you prefer....
To work with others
To go it alone
It depends on the situation

Question 2/10
What was your childhood like?
Pretty idyllic
Pretty fun
Downright scary

Question 3/10
How would your friends describe you in a single word?

Question 4/10
Choose a makeshift weapon:
A broken bottle
A broom handle
A fire poker
A can of bug spray
A piece of glass

Question 5/10
Which parent are you closer to?
My mom
My dad
I'm close to both
I'm not close to either

Question 6/10
You hear a loud noise outside your window in the middle of the night, what do you do?
Grab a weapon and investigate
Hide in my closet
Call the police
Sleep through the whole thing

Question 7/10
One of your friends has gone missing. What do you do?
Suggest we all split up and find her
Work together to find her
Convene at a central location to go over evidence
Admit that she's probably fine

Question 8/10
While at a haunted house, you can typically be found...
Leading the group

Question 9/10
As a child, what did you fear most?
The dark
Getting in trouble

Question 10/10
You're running from a predator in your house. Where do you go?
Behind a curtain
In the closet
I just keep running
You could survive in the movie "IT" for the entire film! What's your strategy? Fear nothing and question everything. With courage, intelligence, and curiosity, you'd make it through this movie by being simply being you!

The Whole Film
You could survive in the movie "IT" for one hour! Congratulations, you'd survive longer than most! What's your strategy for staying alive in this fictional world? Strength in numbers of course. You understand that the best way to battle Pennywise the clown is with your best pals at your side.

An Hour In
You could survive 30 minutes into the movie "IT!" Though you wouldn't make it for the long haul in this film, you'd last for around 30 minutes. What's your downfall? Your tendency to need alone time and your overactive imagination. Not only would you lack the strength that can come from roaming as a group, but when your imagination runs wild, so does your fear. Pennywise could survive off of that for years to come!

30 Minutes In
You would survive 15 minutes into the movie "IT!" Unfortunately, you wouldn't last very long in this horror masterpiece. What's your ultimate downfall? Shirking off the help of others and attempting to go it alone. Sure, being independent is a great asset, but when facing down a deranged clown, there is definitely strength in numbers.

15 Minutes In

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