How Long Could You Survive As A Canadian?

Do you know how long you could survive as a Canadian living in the wilderness? It's time to find out. Let's put your fortitude to the test!

Question 1/10
What do you typically eat for breakfast?
Does a bloody Mary count as breakfast?
Eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns
Pancakes or waffles
A bagel or toast
A yogurt or a granola bar

Question 2/10
How much snow is a lot of snow?
I believe a dusting is too much snow
Anything over one inch
Around six to twelve inches
Anything over a foot
There's no such thing as too much snow

Question 3/10
What would you pack as a snack for a long hike?
Nuts and dried fruit
Beef jerky and sandwiches
A granola bar
Define long.

Question 4/10
How would you dress yourself on a really cold day?
I would layer clothes and throw on a big parka overtop
I think a nice warm down jacket would do the trick
I would wear whatever looked fashionable
I would wear a duvet cover because I'm not leaving the house

Question 5/10
Which sounds coziest to you?
A night spent bundled up by a fire
A night out at a nice restaurant
A night in making hot cocoa
A night out at the club

Question 6/10
What type of footwear are you typically rocking?
Boots or sneakers
Flats or loafers
High heels

Question 7/10
What do you believe can take any dish to the next level?
Cheese cheese and more cheese
Lots and lots of gravy
Alcohol can make anything taste good

Question 8/10
How important is it for you to have variety in your food?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 9/10
What's your biggest fear?
Dying alone in a cold frozen wilderness
My phone dying midday with no where to charge it
Never having a chance to say goodbye to someone I love
Failing miserably

Question 10/10
What's your fitness level?
Very high I'm athletic
I'm in decent shape
I'm mobile, does that count?
You could last a lifetime living in the Canadian wilderness! You were built to withstand mother nature's fury. You love looking into survival skills, hiking, and roughing it whenever possible. Canada would be a cake walk for you!

A Lifetime
You could survive two years in the Canadian wilderness! While you're not ready to spend your life there, you could definitely spend a few winters roughing it in this beautiful landscape. Good thing you took so many years of scouts!

Two Years
You could survive one year in the Canadian wilderness! While one year might not seem like much, it's a long time to rough it in the elements. While you might not be totally prepared for what may come in Canada, you're way more ready than most!

One Year
You could survive six months in the Canadian wilderness! Okay, so the outdoors aren't really your thing. The idea of eating a deer makes you sick. Winter clothes are your least favorite. And snow has brought you to tears on more than one ocassion. Canada just isn't for you.

Six Months
You could last around one month in Canada! Canada just isn't your thing. Snow makes you nervous. Parkas make you sweat. And the thought of building a fire makes your skin crawl. If we were you, we'd stick to the states!

One Month