How Law Abiding Are You Really?

You might think you're a truly law abiding citizen, but are you really? Take these 10 questions and find out just how law abiding you truly are!

Question 1/10
You are on the highway when your cell phone rings. Ignoring it could mean getting in trouble at work. Do you answer it?
No way
I'd consider it

Question 2/10
Your friend asks you to let her underage son drink your house. Do you allow him to drink?
No way
As long as he doesn't drive
I'd let him have one drink
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
What do you think of laws in general?
They exist for a reason
They're very restricting
Some of them are necessary
No opinion

Question 4/10
Your child isn't old enough to drive, but wants to learn. Would you teach them?
It's too dangerous
I'd let them try on a back road
I'd take them to an empty parking lot
I'd let them sit in the driver's seat but not drive
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
You're taking a walk with a friend when they litter. What do you do?
I pick it up and throw it away
I tell them not to litter
I notice but say nothing
I don't care

Question 6/10
Have you ever dabbled in illegal drugs?
I plead the fifth
Once or twice

Question 7/10
As a teenager, did you ever shoplift?
Guilty as charged
Once or twice due to peer pressure
I thought about it
No way

Question 8/10
When you see someone else doing something illegal, do you step in to stop them?
Yes absolutely
It's not my place
I think about it but do nothing
I applaud them for their efforts

Question 9/10
Do you believe in the art of the rolling stop sign?
It's all I do
It's practically my religion
I always come to a full stop
I do it on back streets only

Question 10/10
What political party do you affiliate with?
You are an upright citizen! When it comes to being law abiding, you are picture perfect. You live your life by the letter of the law, never straying or breaking the rules. You feel badly when you accidentally break a law. Running a red light is enough to bring you to tears.

Upright Citizen
You are a lawful and careful. You are a truly law abiding citizen! You'd never intentionally break a law on the grounds that you fear your actions could have repercussions on others. You know that laws are in place not only to keep you safe but to keep others safe as well.

Lawful and Careful
You are an awesome law abider! When it comes to the law, you follow it like it's your job. There's no doubt in our minds that you always follow the rules, even when the nagging thought to do otherwise creeps in. We commend you for always doing the right thing!

Awesome Law Abider
You are somewhat law abiding! When it comes to the law, you tend to follow your own set of rules. While you'd never break any major laws you don't see anything wrong in indulging in some illegal things or running a stop sign every now and then. You're a part time law abiding citizen.

Somewhat Law Abiding
You're law reckless. You hate authority and feel that challenging the law is the best way to demonstrate that feeling. You think laws are restricting and keeping you from having fun. While you'd never do anything truly harmful, you can't help but break a few laws every now and again.

Law Reckless