How Girly Are You?

You may wonder from time to time if you're too girly or not girly enough. We're here to quell any worries you have when it comes to being girly! Are you ready to find out just how girly you really are?

Question 1/10
You've just sat down for a nice relaxing picnic with your significant other. Suddenly, you notice a large spider walking across your leg. What do you do?
Scream and run for the hills
Do the "get off me" spider dance
Demand it be killed
Pick it off and carry on with the festivities
How big are we talking?

Question 2/10
When you paint your nails, what color do you typically reach for?
Something in the pink family
Something in the red family
Something in the blue or green family
Anything bright and punchy
I don't paint my nails

Question 3/10
Have you held on to any stuffed animals from childhood?
Yes but they're all packed away
I have them but they're in storage
They're in my bedroom
I didn't keep any stuffed animals

Question 4/10
Which sport gets you the most fired up?
Is the dog show a sport?

Question 5/10
I prefer my makeup to look.....
As if I've spackled my face (flawless)
As natural as possible
A bit crazy and fun
Non-existent because I'm not wearing any

Question 6/10
Which breed of dog would you adopt or purchase?
Jack Russell Terrier
Siberian Husky
Golden Retriever
Anything fluffy/white

Question 7/10
How often do you wear high heels (be honest)?
All day every day
To work
On special occasions
On a date

Question 8/10
Which classic TV show would you still tune in for if it were on the air?
Happy Days
Little House on the Prairie
Golden Girls
I Love Lucy

Question 9/10
What was your favorite toy while growing up?
Care bears
Raggedy Ann and Andy
GI Joe

Question 10/10
Which of the following Halloween costumes would you choose?
Snow White
Wicked Witch
A Minion
You are seriously girly! In fact, nothing delights you more than things that are feminine, pretty, and petite. You'd never be caught dead wearing jeans and a t-shirt if a dress or brightly colored frock was an option. You love all things beauty and skincare. Your favorite day of the week is without a doubt manicure day.

Seriously Girly
You are a true girly girl and you're not ashamed to show it! You embrace your femininity ten fold. Embracing who you are is not only the greatest form of confidence, but it truly makes you feel happy and at peace. You love all things ultra girly. From flirty ruffled clothing to pretty nails, you're a girl through and through.

True Girly Girl
You have girly tendencies! With your personality, you tend to be a bit dualistic in nature. You can present both an ultra feminine side and a very tomboy side. Because of this, you're very low maintenance and adaptable to a great range of situations. No one is ever going to accuse you of being one thing or the other, your'e just you!

Girly Tendencies
You are somewhat girly! While you love to look put together, wear bold colors, and browse the beauty section for fun; you also love to get a little dirty and gritty from time to time. You never shy away from adventure or fun because of messiness. In fact, you believe that being a true woman is embracing every facet of existence.

Somewhat Girly
You are a total tomboy! You're not into being overly girly and never like to make a fuss over how you look or what you're wearing. The standard daily uniform for you is always jeans, a broken in t-shirt, and comfy kicks. You don't believe that being a girl means you have to be prim and princess like at all times. In fact, you believe quite the opposite.

Total Tomboy