How Generous Are You?

Question 1/10
How old are you?
Under 20 years old
20-30 years old
31-40 years old
41-50 years old
51 years old or older

Question 2/10
What type of spender are you?
Lavish & Extravagant
Frugal & Cost-saving
Eh, I'd say average?

Question 3/10
How religious or spiritual are you?
Not at all

Question 4/10
What's your birth order?
Youngest Child
Middle Child (or one of the middle children)
Oldest Child
Only Child

Question 5/10
Which word would you say describes you best?

Question 6/10
Which of the following holidays makes you happiest?
Valentine's Day
April Fool's Day

Question 7/10
What type of person are you?
A bit of both!

Question 8/10
Are you a dog or cat lover?

Question 9/10
Choose a tropical color!
Sea Foam Green
Sandy Yellow

Question 10/10
Which type of movie would you enjoy most?
Romantic Comedy
You must have grown up either with lots of peers that you had to share absolutely EVERYTHING with, or as an only child that NEVER had to share. You have quite the selfish streak in you, but we don't think that's your fault at all! Practice giving a bit more - you never know, it might turn into a rewarding habit. You are 45% generous.

45% Generous
You share with others when you feel like it, and you don't feel guilty at all for enjoying what you've worked for and not wanting to immediately give it away. To each his own! You are 62% generous and proud of it!

62% Generous
You were definitely raised correctly because you have amazing manners and a propensity to give. You do have a selfish streak in you when it comes to things you really need or things you were looking forward to enjoying - for example, you'll hide coveted Christmas cookies since you only get them once a year - but in general, you are a very generous person...89% generous to be precise!

89% Generous
You are such a warm, kind, and selfless person. You give all you can to others - friends, family, and even strangers! You surely have a heart of gold. You are 97% generous!

97% Generous
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