How Employable Are You Really?

Working and holding down a job are just two necessary aspects of adulthood. We all have to do it, yet some of us do it a bit better than others! When it comes to getting a job, how employable are you really? Would any company or business fell lucky to have you on their team? Let's find out with just a few enlightening questions!

Question 1/10
When do you generally show up at work?
At least a half hour before start time.
An hour before start time.
15 minutes before start time.
Right on time or a little late.

Question 2/10
Once you're on the clock, what's the first thing you do?
Grab a cup of coffee.
Chit chat with my co-workers.
Check my email.
Organize what I need to do.

Question 3/10
You're having a bit of trouble getting motivated. How do you fix this?
Just force myself to get started.
Take a little walk.
Let myself have a break.
Start with the easiest task first.

Question 4/10
A co-worker keeps sending you memes, but you're swamped with work. What do you do?
Ignore them, I'll look at them later.
Look at them and respond with more.
Send a smiley face email so they know I got them.
Ask them to stop.

Question 5/10
Lets say you are running late. Which excuse would you use?
Stuck in traffic.
Feeling sick.
My grandmother died.
I would just tell the truth.

Question 6/10
How do you feel about interviews?
I feel totally calm and chill.
I'm just my honest self, that's it.
The very thought makes me sweat.
I hate them with a passion.

Question 7/10
How's your work ethic?
It's strong, I don't stop until I complete a task.
I tend to work a lot of overtime!
It's about average.
I might procrastinate too much.

Question 8/10
What's your hygiene like?
10/10 I like to look very put together.
8/10 I shower almost every day.
6/10, sometimes I'm too tired to care.
Let's not talk about that...

Question 9/10
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Running the show, hopefully.
Kicking butt and making dough.
Traveling the world.
Holding down a steady job, hopefully.

Question 10/10
Have you ever actually been fired?
Yes, more than once.
Yes, but it wasn't my fault.
Nope, but I have been laid off.
Not a chance!
Congratulations, you're a highly employable person! You go above and beyond at whatever job you hold, always doing a bit more than what's expected. You show up on time and don't leave until all of the work is done. Unlike many employees, you're totally team minded and willing to do whatever it takes to make the whole operation run more smoothly!

Highly Employable
Good for you, you're pretty much a model employee! You're highly motivated and ready to get down to business as soon as you walk in the door. When you're assigned a task, you get to it right away, never procrastinating or dragging your feet. Your resume is chock full of skills because you're always looking to improve!

A Model Employee
You're a somewhat employable person! While you do eventually always get your work done, it can take you quite a while. After all, there are memes to look at, emails to send, and gossip to spread. You love the social aspect of work more than working itself. While that makes you well liked as a co-worker, it may not always earn you high marks as an employee!

Somewhat Employable
Right now, you need to get your resume in order, because you're not looking very employable! Sure, you're a highly intelligent person, but that means nothing without motivation and a willingness to learn. Start stacking up those skills, showing up on time, and doing what needs to be done. You'll be a model employee in no time!

Totally Unemployable