How Donald Trump Are You?

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is here to stay. This outspoken businessman turned presidential candidate is quickly earning favor throughout the US. The question is, how Donald Trump are you?

Question 1/10
Would you ever publicly comment on how attractive your own children are?
It depends on the circumstances
No that's a bit strange
Only in a parental way
All day everyday

Question 2/10
Have you created your own catchphrase which you frequently say into the mirror each morning?
How'd you know?
I wouldn't call it a catchphrase
Yes and I'm not ashamed
No way
Define catchphrase

Question 3/10
You just nailed a job interview. How do you exit?
I give the interviewer a kiss on the cheek
I smile and nod
I ask if we're done here
I give the peace sign and run

Question 4/10
If you had the money, how apt would you be to put your name on the front of every building you owned?
I built it therefore my name should be on it
I'd plaster my name everywhere if I were rich
I wouldn't put my own name on the building
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
Have you ever gone out of your way to point out that someone is NOT a war hero or NOT something particular?
Absolutely someone had to say it
No way what's the point
I have moments of snark

Question 6/10
What word would you use to describe this woman?

Question 7/10
Would you ever engage in a Twitter fight with a notorious Mexican drug lord?
I don't see why I wouldn't
Someone needs to tell them they're wrong, might as well be me
That's not the type of person to pick a fight with

Question 8/10
Are you pretty sure that President Obama wasn't born in America?
I'm 100% sure
I need to see a birth certificate....
He was definitely born in America
Are we still talking about this?

Question 9/10
Which word most strongly applies to you?
Warm hearted

Question 10/10
How many times in your life have you called someone else a loser?
More times than I can count
I can't recall any specific times
Once or twice but they deserved it
You're 100% Donald Trump! You're outspoken, uncouth, and a little wired most of the time. You have a tendency to think most people are unattractive losers and you love to see your name plastered on as many inanimate objects as possible. Its worth mentioning that you're also killer in all areas of business!

100% Donald Trump
You're 80% Donald Trump! Okay, so you may have never insulted Steve Job's yacht or said that your daughter is attractive in a creepy way, but you do have some Trump tendencies. You're unfiltered, brazen, and blatantly honest. If someone were to ask you if their baby was cute, and it wasn't, your response would likely be "I don't like your baby."

80% Donald Trump
You are 50% Donald Trump! You're not about to call anyone unattractive or conclude that the world is made up of losers and cowards, but you do share Trumps tenacity and "foot in mouth syndrome." You often speak before you think, which can get you in a bit of hot water every now and then.

50% Donald Trump
You are 30.5% Donald Trump! Why the .5% you might ask? Well because you're just not quite 30%. You and Trump don't have a great deal in common, but you are both power players. You don't take lip from anyone, you always like to look your best, and you never think you're doing anything wrong.

30.5% Donald Trump
You are 10% Donald Trump! Lets face it, you and the Donald don't have very much in common. In fact, all you really do have in common is excessive self confidence. The good news is that unlike Donald, you know how to reign yourself in and practice modesty when modesty is due. We commend you for that skill!

10% Donald Trump