How Dominant Is Your Personality?

Are you very outspoken and frank or laid-back and easy-going? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Take this quiz to find out how dominant of a person you are!

Question 1/10
Are you male or female?
It's a bit more complicated!

Question 2/10
Indoors or outdoors?

Question 3/10
Black coffee or sweetened coffee?
No preference/Neither

Question 4/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how outgoing and social are you?

Question 5/10
Which high school 'hall of fame' title are you most likely to win at this point in your life?
Class Clown
Most Likely To Succeed
Class Sweetheart
Most Laid Back

Question 6/10
Which of the following vacation spots would you most like to visit?
Venice, Italy
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Honolulu, Hawaii
Tokyo, Japan
Dublin, Ireland

Question 7/10
Which safari animal matches your personality best?

Question 8/10
How much sleep do you usually get on weekdays?
Less than 6 hours
6-9 hours
More than 9 hours

Question 9/10
What's your ideal way to spend a Saturday night?
Game/Trivia Night
Dinner & Movies
Cozy Night In
Club Hopping/Dancing

Question 10/10
Which adrenaline-inducing activity would you be most excited to try?
Swimming with sharks
Bungee jumping
Sky diving
Hot air balloon ride
Long, easy hike
You have an extremely dominant personality! You are strong, powerful and brave - a charismatic leader with lots of potential. You can be outspoken and frank, but as long as you have good intentions, you will never come across as TOO strong. You are 96% dominant!

96% Dominant
You are a good balance between being shy and outgoing. You are passionate about certain people and ideas, and you have the ability to stick up and speak out for them, but at the same time, you know when to keep your mouth shut and be a bit more laid back. Because of this, you are very easy to get along with. You are 67% dominant!

67% Dominant
You are easy-going and laid back. You love living a relaxed life and letting things (and people) come and go as they please. You always have time to stop and smell the roses. You are 32% dominant!

32% Dominant