How Do You Express Love?

There are five love languages. Which one do you have? Take this quiz to find out how you express your love, both romantic and platonic.

Question 1/10
Which kind of love is more important to you?
They are both equally important to me

Question 2/10
It's the holidays again. What are you most looking forward to?
Exchanging gifts
Seeing family members/friends
Decorating/making dinner

Question 3/10
Your friends needs help with some work. What do you do?
I help them
I help them if the work isn't too hard
I don't help them

Question 4/10
An old relative tries to give you a hug. Do you let them?
Yes, even if I don't know them
Maybe, only if I know them

Question 5/10
Imagine you are romantically in love. Do you tell your partner first or wait until they tell you?
I tell them first
I wait for them to tell me
I don't know what I would do

Question 6/10
When someone compliments you, what do you do?
I compliment them back
I thank them
I don't believe them

Question 7/10
Your family has a trip planned. How do you feel?
Excited. I love spending time with my family!
Excited and nervous. Vacations are fun, but sometimes my family fights...
Nervous. I hate spending time with my family...

Question 8/10
How much money do you spend on an average birthday present for someone?
$10 or less
Between $10-50
More than $50

Question 9/10
Do you help out with chores at home?
Yes, all of the time
Yes, but only if I am asked to

Question 10/10
You are watching a movie with your crush. How far apart are you sitting?
We are on opposite ends of the sofa
We are sitting close to each other
We are practically sitting on top of each other
You express your love by being kind to those who you care about. You love to throw out compliments and tell people how much you love them. With you, it's plain and simple for someone to know if you love them because you will just tell them!

Kind Words
When you love someone, you will express that love by trying to spend a lot of time with them. If you are with friends or a family member, you might just try to hang out. If you are with a romantic partner, then you may show this by going on a lot of dates.

Spending Time Together
You express your love by giving people you love gifts. Some people may think that you like to buy people's love, but it's not like that for you. You simply like to show your love with gifts. You could buy something crazy like diamonds or simply draw a picture to give to someone you love.

You express your love by helping those you love with whatever they need. You are the type of person to help a sibling study for a test, to help a friend find a job, or to help your partner face their fears. You are always there to help out anyone who you love.

Helping Out
You like to express your love through touch. When with friends and family, this likely means that you like to hug. If you are in a romantic relationship, then this likely means that you can't get enough snuggles and kisses. Either way, you love to be close to those you love.