How Do Others See You On Social Media?

The things we post on social media can be quite revealing, especially to those who don't know us well. Do you know how others see you on social media? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When did you last go on social media?
Like a second ago
A few hours ago
A few days ago
A few weeks ago

Question 2/10
How close is your online personality to your real-life one?
I'm more outspoken online.
I'm much more reserved online.
I'm the same online as in person.

Question 3/10
What makes you angry on social media?
When I don't get enough likes.
When someone posts a political rant.
Seeing pictures of other people's vacations.
Just the existence of it.

Question 4/10
When someone airs their political views online, what do you do?
Scroll past.
Start debating them in the comments.
Read it and move on.
Silently judge them forever.

Question 5/10
It’s a casual acquaintance’s birthday, what do you do?
Wish them a happy birthday.
Write a long and flowery post.
Don't do anything.
Post a picture of us together.

Question 6/10
What's your profile picture?
A vacation selfie.
A family photo.
A pic of my dog.
A photo with my main squeeze.

Question 7/10
Would you ever write a status about a fight between you and your partner?
Yes, it's therapeutic.
No way, it's no one else's business.
It depends whose fault it was.

Question 8/10
What would you most likely share with your friends?
Funny videos and memes.
Rants, articles, and news.
Inside jokes.
Photos of my kids.

Question 9/10
After posting something online, what do you do?
Continue on with my day.
Obsessively check back for responses.
Worry I did something wrong.

Question 10/10
Which type of accounts do you look at most frequently?
Exes and enemies.
Friends and family.
Celebrities and politicians.
On social media, others see you as being a bit of a bragger! You can’t help but post about your vacations, shopping hauls, and fancy dinners out. You love to take selfies, photograph your meals, and talk about all of the things you’ve done in your day. Whether your intention is to brag about your life or not, others often view you as being a bit of a social media one upper!

A Bragger
On social media, others see you as being the creative type! You tend to post about your projects, crafts, and other creative endeavors. You love to make homemade gifts, bake up new recipes, and simply do things with your hands. When you post on social media, it’s usually about one of your many epic endeavors.

A Creative
On social media, others see you as being a bit of a complainer! Most of your social media posts are long rants about politics, people, and things in your life that aren’t going your way. It’s not that you’re a negative person, you just feel better after venting to your social media followers online.

A Complainer
On social media, others see you as being a hands on parent and a very family oriented person! Most of your posts revolve around spending time with your family and doing things with the kids. Whether it’s posting photos of your kids soccer matches, family vacation updates, or simply showing off a cool craft project, you come across as a great hands on parent!

A Hands On Parent