How Compassionate Are You?

In today's world, compassion is more rare than ever. With fewer and fewer people concerned with anything other than themselves, it seems compassion is a hot commodity. Do you know how compassionate you are? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
You notice a co-worker has been seeming a bit depressed, what do you do?
Start doing little things to free up their day
Bring in treats or coffee to brighten the mood
Offer advice based on personal experience
Chock it up to being at work
Carry on as usual, everyone gets down sometimes

Question 2/10
A friend of a friend needs an emergency baby sitter, but you already have plans. What do you do?
I cancel my plans and offer to help
I help them to find someone to watch the kids
I let them figure it out

Question 3/10
When you see someone begging for change, you tend to feel...
Called to help

Question 4/10
Which cause are you most likely to fight for?
Equal rights
Animal rights
Healthcare reform
Immigration reform
Environmental awareness

Question 5/10
When a friend or family member calls up looking to vent, you tend to....
Listen for as long as they need me to
Give them an active audience
Listen for a few minutes but then make an excuse to get off the phone
Pretend to have a bad connection

Question 6/10
A close friend's husband is sick and in the hospital. How do you help?
I prepare meals and help get their kids to and from school
I offer to clean the house and run any errands
I give them some gift cards for takeout
I let her deal with it on her own terms

Question 7/10
Is it hard for you to feel compassion towards strangers?

Question 8/10
While watching a particularly negative news cast, you feel...

Question 9/10
How often do you donate to charity?
Around the holidays
Whenever I can
When there's a telethon
When I need a tax break

Question 10/10
Describe your personality in one word:
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 100% compassionate! While many individuals can struggle to see outside of themselves and feel for a neighbor, you tend to focus on the needs of others more than yourself. You're as selfless, compassionate, and empathetic as they come.

100% Compassionate
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 80% compassionate! When someone is hurting, in need, or simply having a difficult time, you can always easily put yourself in their shoes and feel their pain. It is your ability to empathize that makes you such a great friend and confidant.

80% Compassionate
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 50% compassionate! When someone is in need, suffering, or simply having a bad day, you can always put aside your own needs to help out. Despite your tendency to have compassion, you know that your needs are important to. It's great to not spread yourself too thin.

50% Compassionate
Based on the results of this quiz you are 30% compassionate! You possess a great deal of compassion for those you know and love, but often fail to empathize with strangers or those you barely know. You reserver your kindness for those you feel most deserve it.

30% Compassionate
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 20% compassionate! You have a big heart and love to help those you know, but you're not overly compassionate or helpful when it comes to strangers, co-workers, or people you're not friends with. You believe that being too compassionate can lead to feeling spread just a little bit too thin!

20% Compassionate

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