How Catty Are You Really?

Are you a catty person? Find out!

Question 1/10
A friend says, 'Right now, I just want to do me.' You say...
That's great!
At least someone wants to.
Doesn't everyone?

Question 2/10
You tell a joke that goes over someone's head. What do you do?
Explain it.
Laugh harder without explaining it.
Point out how slow the person is.

Question 3/10
Someone says, 'I can't figure this out.' You say...
Sure you can. I'll help.
I'm not surprised.
Not enough brain cells?

Question 4/10
Someone is offended by something you've said. What do you do?
Call them a crybaby.
Try to laugh it off.

Question 5/10
When your friend is in a particularly bad mood, you're likely to say....
Aren't you a ray of sunshine?
Who peed in your Cheerios?
What's wrong?

Question 6/10
You let a friend borrow a shirt, but he/she looks better in it. You say....
Wow! You look great in that!
Take it off right now!
I hate you.

Question 7/10
Someone says, 'I am so stupid!' You say...
At least you're honest.
We already knew that.
Don't be so hard on yourself.

Question 8/10
How are you more likely to turn down a date?
Leave them hanging, without an answer.
As politely as you can.
Saying, 'I’m not your type. I’m not inflatable.'

Question 9/10
Which quote do you like better?
You say I'm catty like it's a bad thing.
Practice random acts of intelligence and senseless acts of self-control.
Chaos, panic, and disorder - my work here is done.

Question 10/10
When you are truly angry with someone, what do you do?
Avoid them.
Talk about it.
Make them feel as bad as you do.
You are not catty at all. You are a very kind hearted person who would never intentionally say something that might hurt someone else. You are careful with your words and actions.

0% Catty
You are 17% catty. You are mostly a kind and loving person, but some witty comments are too good to keep to yourself. You mean well, and you generally avoid offending anyone.

17% Catty
You are 44% catty. You are a funny and sarcastic person who occasionally thinks up a great burn that slips out of your mouth. You try to avoid being mean, but you can't let every opportunity pass.

44% Catty
You are 73% catty. You see humor in almost every situation, and you love to be sarcastic. Sometimes, your words hurt, but they are usually hilarious.

73% Catty
You are 89% catty. You can come off as spiteful and mean sometimes when you're trying to joke around and have a good time. You treasure your friends who share your sense of humor and don't take offense to your banter.

89% Catty

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