How British Are You?

You might be from this side of the pond, but we all have a tendency to air on the side of British. Do you know how British you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How often do you talk about the weather?
If it's bad
Almost never

Question 2/10
In times of stress or hardship, you always keep calm and.....
Carry on
Worry excessively
Have a beer
Drink some tea

Question 3/10
Which of the following should never be a part of a "fry up" (English breakfast)?
Blood pudding

Question 4/10
Which iconic British restaurant would you most like to frequent?
Harry Ramsden's
Little Chef
I don't know any British restaurants

Question 5/10
You were just diagnosed with a nasty case of the flu. How are you handling the situation?
I'm drinking lots of tea and hunkering down
Nothing I'm suffering with grace
I'm loading up on as much medicine as I can get my hands on
Complaining until I pass out

Question 6/10
In your opinion, how are vegetables best served?
Not to me

Question 7/10
While grocery shopping, you see an old classmate you haven't spoken to in awhile. What's your move?
Avoid avoid avoid
A quick hello and then onto the next
I invite them out for drinks
Greet them with a hug
Ask about their health

Question 8/10
You feel very strongly about a particular piece of government legislation. How do you make your views known?
I vandalize and protest
I write my local representative
Complain at the pub

Question 9/10
How often do you find yourself judging others based on how they take their tea or coffee?
More than I'd like to admit
There is only one way to take tea!
I do it from time to time
Almost never

Question 10/10
What makes for a healthy sex life?
The bare minimum
Nightly passionate lovemaking
Weekly lovemaking followed by tea
Doing it when the mood strikes
You are 100% British! Do you often find yourself checking the weather several times a day for any slight changes? Do you feel as if you're being slighted by others on a daily basis? You might just be British. Our friends from the other side of the pond have an amazing sense of humor and wit. We think you'd fit right in!

100% British
You are 82% British! Is their anything better than curling up with a good cup of tea and a novel? We sure don't think so and neither do you! Despite your proclivity for tea and alone time, you also have an amazing and dry sense of humor, just like our friends across the pond.

82% British
You are 70% British! You might not be full on British, but you share a vast array of traits with full time residents of Jolly Old England. Not only do you love a good fry up and a pint of beer, but you love to talk about the weather and vent any pent up problems on a daily basis.

70% British
You are 45% British! Your love for tea, long walks, and alone time put you on the higher end of the British scale. Despite your British tendencies, your amazing optimism and general positive out look keep you from going full on British.

45% British
You are 20% British. You don't have a great deal in common with our friends across the pond; however, you do share a few common traits. From your strong sense of humor, to your penchant for a warm cup of tea, you have more than a few British traits.

20% British