How Awesome Is Your Husband?

Do you have a husband who is truly awesome? Find out!

Question 1/10
How long have you been married or committed?
Less than a year.
More than a year.
More than five years.
More than ten years.

Question 2/10
Do people say you make a cute couple?
No, but they are thinking it.
Who cares?

Question 3/10
To your knowledge, has your husband ever lied to you?
In the Past, No Longer.
He May Be Lying Now.

Question 4/10
Does your husband think he could get anyone he wanted?
I don't know.

Question 5/10
Does your husband do any chores?
Only Yard Chores
Yes, We Share Chores.
Yes, He Does Them All.

Question 6/10
Can your husband fix a car?
Not to save his life.
He can fix some things.
He can fix anything.

Question 7/10
What do watch more of on TV?
His shows.
My shows.
We take turns.
We like all the same shows.

Question 8/10
Who usually wins arguments?
Close to Equal Wins
Nobody Wins Arguments

Question 9/10
What do you like LEAST about your husband?
His Manners
His Fashion Sense
His Sense of Humor
His Taste in Music
His Bad Habits
None of the Above

Question 10/10
What do you like MOST about your husband?
His Manners
His Fashion Sense
His Sense of Humor
His Taste in Music
His Kind Habits
All of the Above
Your husband is 71% Awesome! Everyone has flaws, but you've got a good man who is willing to work through the challenges and keep being awesome.

71% Awesome
Your husband is 82% Awesome. He is always there for you and does everything he can to make you happy!

82% Awesome
Your husband is 88% Awesome. You compliment each other so well that you only grow more awesome together.

88% Awesome
Your husband is 92% Awesome. You have the kind of guy who gets more awesome as time goes by and will never let the magic fade.

92% Awesome
Your husband is 100% Awesome! It doesn't get any better than this. Your husband is there for you 100% and will never let you down.

100% Awesome